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For the first article in the newly formed Cryptozoology department, we are going to discuss the Devil Monkey. This is a cryptid with multiple sightings that range from as far south as Georgia, USA to as far North as Alaska. What is very interesting about these sightings, is that in almost all of these encounters or sightings the witnesses describe almost the exact same creature with slight variations gave to its height. However the majority of the sightings or interactions with this creature place it as roughly four feet tall. They are said to reside primarily in the Appalachian mountains which could indicate an undiscovered species of primate. These creatures closely resemble the known species of primates, the baboons. However they are also compared to kangaroos because of their supposed powerful back legs which allow them to jump incredible lengths. Some have claimed these creatures can jump very fast and up to 20 feet.

Some people believe these creatures kill stray people but more often they are reported as having attacked pets though there has been no confirmed cases of any person or pet being killed as of yet. These creatures are said to have long canines, three toed razor sharp feet, kangaroo like legs, long tails that are often bushy, and short tiny pointy ears. They are said to be very dangerous when encountered. So far the earliest report of these creatures stems from a report made in South Pittsburgh, Tennessee in the year of 1934. These witness claim they saw a monkey like creature moving very fast and jumping great distances. The first official sighting came in 1959 and was sighted by the Boyd couple who claimed this creature attacked their car leaving a total of three scratches. The most recent sighting was in June of 2009 by a biologist who described seeing a creature running towards a field, that closely matches the overall description of this creature. The question that remains is whether or not this creature is real. If it is, what is it? Is it an undiscovered member of the primate family, living relatively undetected in the Appalachian mountains? To date the scientific community has no answer to what these people have reported seeing and interacting with.

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