Digital Photos and Zooming In

Universal-8x-Zoom-Mobile-Phone-Telescope-Clip-Cell-Phone-Lens-for-Sony-Xperia-V-LT25iSo many people now are taking photos, and thinking they are seeing something paranormal. Many are close up and are a bit easier to analyze, depending on the type of camera used. There are many others that claim to see something, off in the distance, usually outside. This creates a major issues to anyone trying to analyze the photo, especially if the quality of the camera, and the photo itself leads to the need to zoom in on the particular object.
With high quality DSLR’s, output resolution, and the number of megapixels makes zooming in much easier than those of a cell phone or point and shoot camera. Although today’s cell phones are better than ever, the quality of the photos produced from the later do not make it feasible to zoom in to any great detail, because the detail of the original is quite lacking due to the output resolution and megapixels involved. The issues are then made even worse under low light conditions.

On a low quality photo, as we zoom in, the number of pixels per inch becomes the main problem, as the object you may want to get a closer look at becomes only a few pixels in size, thereby losing all definition, and any further analysis becomes impossible.

This is one of the main reasons I do not recommend using cell phone photos to try to determine if someone has captured anything paranormal, the quality of the photo is just not sufficient to make positive ID’s.
And excellent article has been written comparing several different cameras and cell phones that make the point stand out even more. I would suggest this as a fine read to help investigators make determinations as to the age old question about paranormal photography and its usefulness in the field.


Al Schmidt

Al Schmidt

Hi, I'm Allan (Al) Schmidt. I'm 52 living in Colorado. I've been married for 27 years. I Retired form the Air Force in 2001 and have been working for the Government in Boulder ever since. I have many hobbies, mostly outdoor, hiking, camping hunting, fishing etc. The main thing that ties them all together is Photography. I've been into the paranormal basically all my life, as my late father was into basically everything paranormal, although he didn't really refer to it as paranormal. Bigfoot, Nessi, UFO's, Little People. He had books on all subjects which I read with a passion. I have been investigating for over 10 years now regularly, and have been all over the country doing so. Locally, have investigated many locations, both with others teams and as I like to do most of the time, by myself or with my wife. I'm very logical in my undertakings, and very skeptical by nature. If I have exhausted all resources and ideas as to how to debunk something, only then will I call it interesting and possibly paranormal. I have not really had any wow moments to speak of, but have had some interesting things happen, enough so to make me more curious.
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