Divining With Birds

7Auspicy means messages coming from the sky and has been practiced throughout the world by many cultures. The word itself is of Latin origin meaning observer of birds. In Rome, flight auspicy took place within a sacred space called a templem.

Bird Flight Interpretation

The choice is yours on whether you use a single bird or a full flock to divine. There is no right or wrong way only your personal attention is required. Some places have more variety of birds than others so flock reading may be more advantageous, however if birds are more scarce or if you have time, divining with a solitary bird is acceptable.

Simply ask a question or think of a question that requires a course of action and simply watch the behavior of the bird(s).

If the bird is light or brightly colored it indicates immediate action, a darker bird would be to wait. If your reading in a flock see which bird takes flight first, as with all birds, shades of light and dark do appear.

Direction of the birds flight also plays a role. If the bird(s) fly to the right it means a smooth passage in any venture and action should be taken however, if they fly from the left there will be delays and remaining silent for a bit may be best. If the bird(s) fly towards you it means happier times are in store for you, but flying away from you suggest tact and caution before moving forward.

Now there are other indicators that are also used such as the height of flight. The higher the flight the better the omen. If the bird flies upward in direction the better the outcome and success will come without much effort. If the flight is erratic, such as landing and flying only to repeat the outcome will have to defeat obstacles and requires more efforton your part.

The course of the bird also encompasses the reading. If the bird(s) suddenly change direction or course, sudden changes will be headed your way and you may feel in doubt so re-examine your feelings. Birds hovering right above your head tells you to beware of new friends and criticism.

A singing bird that takes flight in song it is a good sign and your answer is to move forth, but if the bird lands and utters a cry more caution is needed. If you hear the birds singing on the dawn of a new day close your eyes. Let the song form pictures and words in your mind and your answer will come forth.

Whether you are a believer in divining with birds, animals have been used not only in this form of divination but totems, amulets and good luck charms for centuries. The I Ching used broken tortoise shells, The Etruscans used hens and the Babylonians studied Oxen when splashed with water.

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