Dragon’s Blood

by N.P.S. member Nicholas S. Antolick


“DRAGONS BLOOD” is the dried “sap” from the infamous “Dragons Blood” tree. It has been used sincepre-history in many cultures all over the world.

It is still used today, though “Dragon’s Blood” is VERY hard to find and quite expensive. Most of it is “diluted” due to its expense. Processing it into a wood finish demands extensive refining.

Historically, one finds many medical uses for it. It’s used in special incenses. I feel it’s quite interesting that other cultures have used it “metaphysically.”


It may be processed into an ink used in creating spells, etc. It is used by many cultures with exorcisms, itself “banishing” negative entities. Others use it to “amplify” positive energies.

I have confirmed that Stradivarius had used it on his instruments. It may be found on other, fine instruments today. Perhaps its use has contributed to the fame Stradivarius maintains with his amazing Cellos, Violas and Violins, some 600 years after they were made?

I show the picture of my hand wet with “Dragon’s Blood.” It’s curiously like real blood. It’s sticky and darkens as it dries. It is seemingly identical to actual blood in how hard it is to clean up. Handling it as such, one comes to understand how mythologies about it may have developed…