Ebu Gogo

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Ebu Gogo has most commonly been sighted in Flores, Indonesia. The creature was first sighted in ancient times and was last seen in the late 19th century. Those who have seen depictions of Ebu Gogo describe it as looking much like a little gremlin. According to noted sightings the Ebu Gogo is a small creature that has a hair covered body. This small creature has disproportionately long arms and a large belly as well as quite large ears. The Ebu Gogo walks bipedally and appears to have an uncomfortable pace. No sighting of this creature has ever noted it as talking to anyone; however, they have been noted as repeating words that were spoken to them or muttering indistinguishably. Fast climbers and strong creatures, the Ebu Gogo are capable and willing to eat anything and everything according to legend, including people. Some believe that the Ebu Gogo is related to the Homo Florensiensis discovered in a cave in Flores. According to local legends however, the Ebu Gogo is a formidable creature and is used to scare children much like the boogie man is used to scare children in the United States. At one point the island of Flores was believed to have belonged to a small race of people not unlike the Ebu Gogo. Legend also tells that at one time humans and the Ebu Gogo lived in close proximity of each other until the Ebu Gogo began to destroy the human’s cattle. Once the humans noted this destruction they drove the Ebu Gogo away by hunting them which angered the Ebu Gogo and caused them to become vengeful. At one point it is said that these creatures even stole a baby from a local village! No very recent sightings of this creature have been noted.


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