Edinburgh Vaults (South Bridge), Edinburgh, Scotland


Edinburgh Vaults (aka South Bridge Vaults) are believed to be the one of the most haunted places in the world. As well as a home to tradesmen and taverns in the late 18th and early 19th centuries, the vaults were also believed to be used by serial killers Burke and Hare, who stored the bodies of their victims here…

As Edinburgh grew larger during the late 1800’s, two large bridges were created to connect Edinburgh Castle to the lands to the north and the south of the city. The city’s South Bridge was a monumental yet fundamentally flawed, endeavor to span Cowgate Ravine, and connect the old town to the newer section of Edinburgh.


The building of south bridge commenced in 1785 and when finished consisted of 19 arches spanning a total of 1,000 feet wide.

By the 19th Century the city was booming financially. Tradesmen and merchants would set up shop along the bridge in order to target the increase in traffic over the bridge. Below the top level of the bridge were the tradesmen workshops, and below those were living quarters for the people that worked there. In total, there were around 120 rooms.

The construction of the bridge was rushed and as a result the surface wasn’t sealed correctly. This caused floods to occur regularly, which drove all the tradesmen out of the area. As the industrial revolution took hold of Britain, Edinburgh’s South Bridge had developed into a slum, with the city’s poor taking up refuge here. The conditions were deplorable, but the poor people of Edinburgh had little choice. It quick became Edinburgh’s red-light district. Prostitution, murder and rape were rife, as disease and crime plagued the vaults.

There have h5been countless paranormal experiences in the vaults. One of the most frequent experiences is the cold gusts of air that surprise guests even on the very low levels of the vaults. Needless to say, there are no windows or open doors down here.

Another common experience is hearing voices, sometimes whispering in your ear. People often see and sense a disembodied presence.

Perhaps the most menacing ghosts of Edinburgh Vaults is Mr. Boots. He’s been described as an unkempt man who wears high boots (hence the name). Mr. Boots likes to lurk at the back of the vaults throwing rocks as unsuspecting visitors, and has been known to push people over. People have heard his high boots walking on the cobbles, and his voice echoing from a chamber in the distance.

Another ghost who likes to interact with visitors is Jack. If you’re in the wine vault he may just grab your hand.


Todd Wayne Knipple

Todd Wayne Knipple

I was awakened to the reality of the paranormal at the age of 12 while at a friend’s home. What happened that one night back in 1983 kept me awake for three days. After that incident I was left with many questions. My determination to find answers to what had happened that night became an obsession that would lead me down a path into investigating the paranormal. I found myself consumed by these strange anomalies that were captured on video, audio and photographs, and the strange feelings and sensations I would have from walking into old buildings or a person’s home.
For nearly 30 years, I have dedicated myself to finding these answers by using a scientific approach to fully understand and bring explanations to those who seek help and who are experiencing themselves the same things I experienced some 30 years ago. I can say that out of all of the cases I have investigated over the years as a paranormal investigator, 99% can be explained as a product of environment. There is, however, that 1% that can only be considered Beyond The Grave.
Todd Wayne Knipple

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