Elvey Farms, United Kingdom

elvOn 75 acres in Pluckley, in the Ashford District of Kent lies beautiful Elvey Farms. The actual farm dates back to 1496 and references to Pluckley can be found in the famous Doomsday book.

Surrenden Manor, the former residence of Sir Edward Dering, 1st Baronet ( 1598-1644) can also be found in this area. This is where the Dering manuscript, the earliest extant manuscript text of any Shakespearean play was discovered. It is a single play version parts 1 and 2 of King Henry IV.

In 1989, the Guinness Book of Records named this location as “the most haunted village in Britain”.

Several of the ghosts that haunt this area have had stories told about them for so many years, that when people stop by they seem to be automatically told about them.

Edward Brett actually shot himself in the dairy at Elvey Farms. It is said that prior to his death, he said to his wife, “I will do it”. To this day, there are reports of hearing these last words of Edward Brett being whispered around the farm.

There is also the legend of Robert DuBois, an 18th century highwayman. He was run thru with a sword, while he was hiding in a hollow tree at what is now known as Fright Corner. He can still be seen reenacting his death.

The Watercress Woman is seen as a misty figure at Pinnock Bridge. This is the same bridge where she would sit and sell the watercress that she gathered. She seemed to have a penchant for smoking her pipe and drinking gin as she sat on the bridge. One fatal day, she set herself on fire while lighting her pipe.

The Red Lady, who legend says was a member of the Dering family can be seen walking with a small white dog in the churchyard of St. Nicholas’s Church.

The White Lady of Rose Court allegedly poisoned herself over a love triangle.

The black silhouette of the miller can be seen in the ruins of the old windmill which closed in 1930.

There are many more stories of hauntings in this area. If you ever choose to go to Elvey Farms, be sure to take a walk around the village and see which one of these spirits decides to stop long enough to tell you hello…..

Source:  www.elveyfarm.co.uk

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Deb Daniel Jansons

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