Equipment Review: AC5X Infrared Action Camera


5 MP Resolution 720i HD Video Zoom 4X 64 MB Internal Memory


For those seeking a lightweight battery powered Infrared Camera /Video Recorder you might consider the Wildgame AC5X Infrared Camera. Originally developed for outdoor Hunting enthusiast this device is fairly simple to use, rugged for the accidental drop and comes with a variety of mounting choices (as well as a Water Resistant Case). Search on line and you can find Youtube videos showing hunters using this same camera mounted to bows for night hunts. These Cameras are sold at a variety of hunting stores. I purchased mine on line from B&H Photo Video for just over a hundred.



  1. No Cables, no Fuss! You’re Mobile and so is your Infrared Camera.
  2. Decent Infrared Camera picture (up to 40 ft in total Darkness) that can be attached to your hat, backpack or hand carried with a light weight of less than two pounds.
  3. After activating the Infrared Camera in total or partial darkness the camera will shift to activate 8 built in LED’s. Within 30 seconds the small lighted display will go dark and only a red light is visible as not to ruin your night vision.
  4. Fairly Rugged device- I dropped mine twice from a height of 3 feet on the concrete and it didn’t sustain any damage.


  1. Internal Memory on the Camera is worth upgrading. The good news is a 64 Micro SD card will give over 17 hours of recording.
  2. Battery life (Fully Charged) is over an hour in well lit conditions. Battery Life for Darkness or Partial Darkness that activates the LED’s is between 20-25 minutes. So, multiple Batteries are worth considering and that does mean lugging around a few extras on your person. I’ve determined a suitable Replacement Lithium Ion Battery is the Nokia BL-5B (760 mAh). You can purchase these on line for 5-6 dollars and chargers for 9-12 dollars.
  3. While the initial retrieval of images may seem a little difficult, once you remember the pattern it becomes second nature.


  1. While testing the Camera for low light/no light conditions I realized that the Battery life for the Camera was affected by the heat generated from the activated LED’s. So, while I might get 22-25 minutes in one long run I discovered I could run the camera for 15 minutes, stop recording, and let it cool for 10 minutes and then start up again for another 15+ minute recording. Skip using the Water Resistant case if possible, it heats the camera up when the LED’s are activated.
  2. While the tiny display screen doesn’t put off much light it did deem very bright in total Darkness waiting for it to go dark after 30 seconds. A well placed piece if painters tape removed that annoyance.

AC5X Infrared Action Camera

**** The footage is a camera test only!!!

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Ruth Boynton

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