Exorcised water, for protection

nps skull

Take a glass of water, visualize it glowing with pure light blue energy. This is Christic energy, which symbolizes God’s perfection. Make the sign of the Cross on the glass 7 times (the number of God again for perfection)

And out loud say

“In the name of St. Peter, in the name of St. Anthony the Great, in the name of St. Benedict, in the name of St. Thecla, in the name of St. Maria Gemma Galgani in the name of St. Mary the most Blessed among women who hath given us the fruit of her womb Jesus Christ

Bless this water with all thy might and strength and drive away from me all evil and harm, be they regular spirits or infernal agents. In the name of our Lord Jesus Christ, Amen”

Then drink it. Once you have, you will be protected from evil. If you’re going to take a cross, get a cross of St. Benedict that has been blessed by a priest or bless it yourself using the same type of prayer or another prayer that you can come up with.

Benedict was a Saint who dedicated his life to battling Demons and Satanic Witches. He was a Witch himself and was devoted to the use and development of holy magick. Especially Apotropiac Magick (Magick to avert or ward off Evil)

So his cross is the best to use for warding. Each Saint I mentioned up there is a Saint that is either associated with fighting Demons or has a strong character and powerful aura of spirituality.

I named 6 because 6 creates a Hexagram (Star of David, a 6 pointed star) and is more powerful than the Pentagram (5 pointed star, for the 5 cardinal elements of the Universe) for magick because it symbolizes the 5 elements times 6. It is one of God’s original symbols.

This type of water is known as Exorcisized water because it was blessed specifically to protect the mind, body, and soul from evil spirits. You can also bless food by sprinkling exorcised water onto it.