The first explorer theory

1st explorIt is my theory that the Extraterrestrial life forms that have come to Earth and have left crop circles, performed animal mutilations, abductions and the like are most likely the first explorers from a possible variety of different species of extraterrestrial beings. I also believe that It is possible that the reason their aircraft appears so advanced is because on their planet fossil fuels do not exist leading them to develop and invent different energy systems for their machinery. It is my belief that the abductions are nothing more than vivisection’s on isolated subjects that they have deemed to be sentient but are unsure of the level of intelligence, hence the reason why animals seem to be left in a far worse state then the human subjects. Due to the fact that as a whole the nature of our attempts to communicate with these beings has been peaceful on our end, I believe that these beings either cannot understand them and ignore them or something far worse CAN understand but do not care for the human race and merely see us as a petri dish, zoo, and botanical garden rolled into one.