Forest Park Cemetery also known as Pinewoods Cemetery

2387 Pinewoods Ave.
Brunswick, New York (east of Troy)
This is allegedly one of the top ten haunted cemeteries in the country. However, there are clearly no trespassing signs placed around the property, so do not visit without permission. It is currently owned by the Town of Brunswick.One of the mysteries of the site is that when two beautiful statues on monuments were vandalized, one decapitated with both arms broken off, blood flowed. One theory to this is that there is a red moss that may cause this anomaly, however another theory is that the iron rods built into the monuments for stability may have started to rust. Either way, again while this is common knowledge in the area, there is no evidence to back up the existence of the “blood.”One aspect of the folklore that has also been debunked is that a mausoleum that collapsed was devoid of coffins, hence adding to the mystery. However, the mausoleum was in reality a receiving building with a copper roof and skylight with individual marble compartments to hold bodies for burial after the brutal winters in the Capitol region. The original building had beautiful marble shelves and the remains show the building was made of granite and brick.One last urban legend that is commonly attributed to the cemetery is that in the beginning of the twentieth century, two lovers went to the cemetery to be alone. The man stepped out of the car to get help when it would not start, and in the morning the police, on patrol, woke up the female, and found the male hung in the tree. It is interesting though that this legend has cropped up in many books, attributed to many other places
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Personal interviews and visits in 2014 and 2015.