G.H.O.S.T. Paranormal Investigations

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Location Mount Pleasant, Michigan
Phone (989) 560-0965
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Website www.GHOSTparanormal.org
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We are the Ghost Hunters of Scientific Theory, or G.H.O.S.T. Paranormal Investigations. Our team began its mission in July of 2010.  Since then we have conducted over 100 investigations of possibly haunted homes and businesses.As a paranormal investigation team, we hope to shed light onto those things which typically stay in the darkness. We hope to capture paranormal activity on camera or recorder. Perhaps we may someday find that singular piece of evidence which will bring the study of ghosts and hauntings into the mainstream.

Bigger than this, however, is our mission to help people who are being afflicted by seemingly paranormal occurrences. We will use our experience, and every tool at our disposal to ease minds, and find normal explanations to seemingly paranormal events.

Our team consists of 10 individuals, who represent a wide range of educational and career backgrounds; including law enforcement, nursing, teaching, counseling, and customer service.

Our research has taken us all over Michigan, from the Calumet Theatre and the Whitefish Point Lighthouse in Michigan’s Upper Peninsula, to the Jackson Prison down in Jackson, Michigan and MANY places in between.