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Port Au Prince Cemetery

Port au Prince cemetery in Haiti, said to be haunted by number of ghosts. In Christchurch, Barbados, the crypt belonging to the Chase family earned a spooky reputation when the coffins of Colonel Thomas Chase and his two daughters were found to have moved around — after the crypt had been sealed shut.

Aryan Metzender

Aryan Metzender

Hello everybody. Myself Kumar. My nick name is Aryan. I'm from India. I'm able to see, hear, smell the spirits & ghosts from my childhood. I'm the founder of Global Paranormal Hunters & running a paranormal page to share paranormal education among the mankind & help the people with their paranormal problems. I do exorcism, face reading, aura reading, aura cleansing, astral spiritual protection, healing through pics. I have solved lots of paranormal cases in all over the world. I'm in this paranormal industry from 2010.
Aryan Metzender

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