The Haunted Catacombs Of Paris France

The Haunted Catacombs Of Paris France
By Virginia Carraway Stark

The miles of quarried catacombs under Paris are filled from floor to rafter with human remains and are said to be one of the most haunted places in the world. At the entry way a sign reads: Stop! This is the Empire of the Dead!

In the 18th century the officials of Paris realized that having vast spaces filled with rotting bodies was a public health hazard. They decided to clear out some space in the cemetaries by removing millions of corpses that had already mostly decayed and placing them in the catacombs. Nobody has ever counted how many bodies are stored there but it is estimated a minimum of 6 million bodies are tucked away in the catacombs.

Every year thousands of tourists come to visit the catacombs despite the fact that they are frankly terrifying. People walk through areas packed with bones and human skulls, in one area there are over 800 meters of solid packed bones.

In the areas not entirely filled with bones the dark-minded curators have placed quotes to remind any visitor of their mortality, “Think in the morning that you might not survive until the evening, and in the evening that you might not survive until the morning.”

Tourists and other visitors only have access to a very small area of the tunnels. The entire length is over 200 kilometers. People have illegally gone spelunking deep into the heart of the tunnels to explore, go ghost hunting or just have a macabre party with their friends.

Rumors abound about ghosts, masonic meetings, black masses, serial killers and even Nazi gatherings are said to have added to the already dark vibe in the catacombs.