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Featured International Haunted Locations & Articles

Belief of Djinn (Arabic for Genie) in the gaza area.
The mysterious man from Taured
The Adze of Ghana
The Occult in Dominica
The Jumbees of Anguilla
Chillingham Castle
Russell Hotel, The Rocks
Papa New Guinea
Banff Springs Hotel, Alberta Canada
Divine Leaders ride Unicorns: Myths of North Korea
Envy, Magic and Genii in the United Arab Emirate
August Heaven: Unreasonable Yet Inexorable Belief in Vietnam
Japan’s Demonic Girls’ Bathrooms
South Korea: Do you think I’m pretty?
The Mystery of the Salish Sea Disembodied Feet
Haunted beach of India: Dumas Beach
Quarantine Station, Australia
Berry Pomeroy Castle
Can’ Dario : Most Haunted Building in ITALY
Bedok : Ghost Town In Singapore
A wee Jelly Grape from sunny Scotland
Ballygally Castle, Northern Ireland
Edinburgh Vaults (South Bridge), Edinburgh, Scotland
Black Eyed Child of Cannock Chase UK
The North Wales Hospital for the Mentally Infirm, Denbighshire
Elvey Farms, United Kingdom
Mysterious Phenomenon: Legend of the Eskers
Ireland’s Top Ten Haunted Destinations
Sofitel Heiva, Huahine, French Polynesia
Devil’s Island







Lillee Allee

Lillee Allee has studied religion, spirituality and paranormal investigation for over 40 years. She is the widow of John D. Allee, an internationally known dark magician. She continues to consult in paranormal investigation. Her specialties include: Marian and cultural spiritual phenomena/apparitions, spiritual support to teams and clients who want spiritual counseling after investigation, evp work and old school audio, the accuracy and research of past life regression and seance, and spiritual protection. Lillee was also one of the first to incorporate trained canines into paranormal investigations. She hosts a radio program on the para-x.com network, Happy Mediums, with Debra Ann Freeman, who also consults with paranormal investigative teams in Southern New England. Lillee is a published author and journalist, and legal clergy with degrees in psychology and mass communication. Lillee walks on the middle path sees learning as a life-long endeavor and is looking to make a difference and contribution to this field before she too will be heard on someone’s EVP. Lillee is always available to educate and consult and continues to enjoy guesting on other’s radio and television programs.