Haunted Netherlands

n4The Netherlands is a country about the size twice that of New Jersey located in the Northwestern section of Europe. The country neighbors Germany, Belgium, and the North Sea. According to encyclopedia.com, the land area of the Netherlands increases slightly each year as a result of continuous land reclamation and drainage. In its recent years, the country’s government has placed an increased emphasis on preservation due to economic growth. The nation is also known to have one of the world’s highest levels of industrial carbon dioxide emissions although continued efforts take place to reduce sulphur dioxide emissions. Its rivers also suffer from severe pollution due to agricultural and industrial waste. The major spoken languages of the country are Dutch and Frisian (Frisian is closely related to AngloSaxon tongue with a bit of Dutch in it.) Most residents of the Netherlands as well understand English, French and German.

n3In recent years; the Dutch society has become increasingly secular with a steady decline of church memberships. Roman Catholic religion is said to be the most popular religions followed by Dutch reformed, Muslim, Calvinist Reformists, Hindu, Jewish and Buddhist but the largest group of people report to be atheist or agnostic. At about the 16th century, the Dutch Reformed Church originated during the time of the Protestant Reformation under the influence of Calvinistic teachings. The Dutch Reform paranormal belief is the the spirits are actually malevolent who are deceitful as commanded by Satan. They named them demons, evil spirits and even unclean spirits. Similar churches around the same time holding the same theological views were also founded in France, Switzerland, Germany, Hungary, England and Scotland. Though the church was never considered a Dutch state church, the law demanded that all of its public officials be a member. In 1815, the Kingdom of the Netherlands was established in which the church has become more centralized. The new government then imposed new rules and regulations which placed the church under royal control allowing the king to appoint the church head up until 1852. By 1853, the church and the state were completely separated. This church remained the largest church until the mid 20th century when it was surpassed by the Roman Catholic Church.

Participants from the Netherlands were chosen from a paranormal fair and asked to participate in a study related to the fringe sciences which focused on materials and methods. The participants first were instructed to view a set of 38 black and white pictures of faces and houses that consisted of different levels visual noise in each. The point of this test was to study the neural correlates of perceptual decision making. After completing this task, the participants were asked to fill in a questionnaire form about the paranormal at their own pace. Later a regression analysis was conducted in which the effect of paranormal beliefs on accuracy was investigated after controlling for demographic variables such as gender, age and education. You can read more about this experiment and more by following this link: http://journals.plos.org/plosone/article…

n2In the province of Drenth exists a 5,000 year old monument of huge granite stones known as the Hunebedden in which huge granite rocks are rested on top of smaller rocks. The belief is that simple farmers had moved these large boulders to Drenthe to construct a large burial chamber. It is theorized in 1857 by King Frederic VII of Denmark that they selected boulders found with a flat side, some of which had to be dug out from the sand. The stones were then placed on wooden rollers or sleds by use of levers and manpower did the rest. The curious thing about the structure is that similar structures can be found throughout the world in locations including Germany, Massachussetts, Sicily, Italy, Africa, France India, Korea, Ireland and Spain. These structures are known as Dolmens.

A controversial photo of U.F.O. Over the Netherlands surfaced in 2013 by amateur photographer Corinne Federer. Federer was taking pictures outside of the Muiderslot castle in succession when she managed to capture a tubular shaped object that appears to have an S-shaped fin. Federer claims that she hadn’t noticed the object until reviewing the photos later. This is what she told the Huffington Post: “It was a tubular-shaped object that had an S-shaped fin on it. If it had been any type of missile, it would’ve had multiple fins, but facing the same direction. We heard nothing, it was completely quiet out. The more I flipped through the frames, it was kind of creepy,I’ve been shooting for quite some time and I’ve seen other stuff in the news, but I’ve never seen anything [like this] with my own eye.”

In Amsterdam, Netherlands you can find Anne Frank’s secret annex. It is believed that you can feel cold spots in certain areas of the room and sometimes while walking around towards nightfall, you may be able to see a figure of a young girl. Also in Amsterdam you can find the bell tower which is said that a boy dressed in early 20th century period clothing walks up the flight of stairs and disappears. The most notable of haunted locations in the Netherlands exists in Waardenberg at the Waardenberg castle. At night an unseen spirit will travel the stairs and in some rooms you can hear whispering voices, and toilets flushing in an area where there isn’t a toilet. On the east wing there is a room known as the ghost room where objects are said to move by themselves. You can also travel the house and notice cold drafts in some parts. It is said that human bodies were found in its cellars. It is also said that medieval wizard Dr. Faust had lived at the castle and was supposedly taken to hell from the location by the devil himself. At the location in its window exists two hand prints made of blood that can’t be washed, perhaps the marks left behind by silent witnesses of the happening.

n1Near the river Scheldt in Antwerp it was once believed that Druon Antigoon, a giant would sit by the river and charge a toll in order to cross. If any traveler should refuse to pay the toll, Druon Antigoon would proceed to cut their hand off and toss it into the river. The giant was later defeated by a Roman soldier by the name of Silvius Brabo who managed to cut off the giant’s hand in combat and toss it into the same river that Druon Antigoon would toss the severed hands of nonpaying travelers.

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