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12074845_10207093569990376_4447499323764701618_nLess than 10 years ago a mystery began developing that has yet to be explained. Under 4th & Delaware Leavenworth, Kansas Officials began a street renovation project which accidentally caused the discovery of an underground city. It appears that no one knew what was hidden under the Historic District until summer of 2008.
This undiscovered tunnel system was happened upon as planning and repairs were being done to rejuvenate the cities roads. Very little is actually known about the newly discovered underground city, though speculation is rampant. The network of store fronts and possible housing structures are all built in an early to mid-1800’s fashion. The man made stone, brick and mortar construction appears to have withheld the decades of change and growth above it though the wood framing and doors have deuterated over time. A broken plank of wood with 10₵ painted on is the only writing or record that has been located under the city.

Let’s look at the history of this area for a second. Fort Leavenworth was established in 1827 by Col. Leavenworth just off of the Missouri River. As the country began to expand west, Fort Leavenworth became the main destination for thousands of men, women and children looking for progress and opportunity. In the 1840’s, the Mormon Battalion suffered a great loss at the Fort when their leader, Col. James Allen died. In the 1850’s the city of Leavenworth was developed, this was the first city in Kansas and the beginning of the infamous Boarder Wars. At the moment land was opened up to citizens a large debate, that turned into a long going war, began. This was the time of Bleeding Kansas. It is believed, by some who have researched the underground city, that as the City of Leavenworth was being built by its new citizens so was a hidden world.

Let’s look at the facts behind the underground city. The lost city was discovered in 2008. It is made up of stone, brick and mortar walls that match a style used in the founding of both Fort Leavenworth and the City of Leavenworth. No dating has been able to be done as artifacts and items have not been located that would allow for this. Part of a sign is still visible stating only a price; it is unclear what the price was for. Many ‘rooms’ and tunnels can be found, one tunnel located under 8th St. is believed to of been built in 1888. There appears to be vaults and possible evidence of storage with in. Some who have seen the city even refer to one enclosed area as a possible jail or torture chamber.

There is no explanation or history to these tunnels and the underground world that has been hidden for so long. Were they connected to a secret society? Were they used as part of the Underground Railroad? Were they part of the Fort or just connected ‘basements’ for the citizens who built this city?

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