How do we verify an honest psychic?

boyahI would like to approach this question “how do we verify and find an honest psychic.”

My first approach would be to research the psychic in question. If they are legit and practicing, chances are they have feedback someplace. In the the world of the internet; anything is searchable, even the credibility of psychics. The pricing should be something that makes sense, and it should be obvious to you if the asking price is obscene. This site suggests these prices (and they make sense to me) if someone is asking $150 for a few moments, then that’s obviously a scam. Another approach would be to meet them in person. Anyone can be anything they want behind a computer and when it comes to money, and more importantly … the answers about our loves ones, or who is following ect. we need a little more validity than going on blind faith alone. Careful is smart!

Here is another site which boasts to have a listing of nothing but certified psychics in its database (note: always do your own research, even if you locate a psychic through a list such as this one)

Another smart approach is to reach out to some local paranormal teams. Most people in the paranormal field will recommend an honest psychic, and chances are that the teams have worked with someone in the past who is legit and can therefore direct you to him or her.

Finally: when it does come down to money, do not judge a psychic because he or she is asking for payment. These people use their own personal energy to assist you as well as their time. They have families that they have to look after and bills to pay. It’s kind of like a doctor … You go see your family physician when someone has the flu symptoms and happily pay for those services. We seek a psychic when we need assistance with some answers that they can provide, this should make us happy and in turn; pay for those services. Sometimes a psychic may assist you for free! This doesn’t make them any less gifted; this makes them very kind and giving!

note: You could also ask the psychic to provide you with some references, but always remain skeptical. Listen to your instincts, we all have a little touch of abilities ourselves. If they feel right, and everything feels as it should be then it probably is.