Intranormalogy Research Group

Intranormalogy Research Group Contact Name Theresa Byess
Location Fayetteville, NC
Phone (404) 769-5218
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Area of expertise:
Bachelors in Criminal Justice, 2 years completed to present
Experienced and resourceful researcher, demonologyAffiliate of:
The Windbridge Institute for Applied Research in Human Potential
Society for Scientific Exploration
Journal for Scientific Exploration
The Parapsychological Association
Fayetteville Paranormal Research Association
International Consciousness Research Laboratories
The Anomalist

National Paranormal Society
Fayetteville Paranormal Research Association
PRIDE Paranormal
(And hopefully the NPS as well…:)


I am an avid researcher and seeking certification in parapsychology. While I have never been on an actual investigation, I have been researching the “paranormal” since 1999.  In addition to being an experienced and resourceful researcher, I am also experienced with evidence analysis and all that that entails.