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John Dewey Allee (March 8, 1951 June 2, 2014) at 11:13 am
He told everyone to note the time of his transition as it would offer his first message.

John 11:13 states New International Version
Jesus had been speaking of his death, but his disciples thought he meant natural sleep.When he was told that he was going to go into a coma before his death due to colon cancer mets to the liver (he was a survivor for ten years without any medical treatment than surgery for the first eight)

John was born in Boston, Mass and lived in Chelsea until the family moved to Watertown, Mass when he was nine. John showed promise as a poet and an artist from a young age. In his teen years, John studied psychology and fell in love with the works of Wilhelm Reich. He studied the works of Hare krishnas, rosicrucians, theosophists and masonry during his young adult years. He served in the national guard and the army from 1968-1970. During this time, he also married Anne Allee at a young age and both joined the Church of Satan around 1970. The marriage ended ten years later.

Anne Allee left to the Temple of Set with Michael Aquino. John maintained his Satanic beliefs as he studied ceremonial magic and planned to run his own organization. He met his twin flame, Lillee Allee, in 1984 at a radio remote big band performance broadcast on WMRE, Boston. Lillee was the host of the broadcast and John was the guest vocalist with the Al Vega Trio at Paris 26 Restaurant in Newtonville, MA.

After this, he adopted the persona of Lord Egan, John published a Satanic magazine, Brimstone, for two years and started a Satanic cable television, Go to Hell, on the Cape Cod cable channel. In 1993, John launched the First Church of Satan with Lord Egan as the high priest and “dark pope” on the internet with meetings in Salem, Mass. He was laughingly referred to as the first warlock of Salem. (Warlock is a term used in Satanic groups.) He also studied under Pat Hardy with the Temple of Set and exchanged information with other Satanic leaders in the 1990s. John was credited with the first documented death curse, and interviewed by NBC’s Forrest Sawyer. He also performed a Satanic baptism on international television. He and Lillee were also listed as a “couple beyond help” on Jerry Seinfeld’s Marriage Ref. John and Lillee were interviewed on many radio and televisions nationally and internationally.

In 2003, John married Lillee in a spiritual ceremony on the Summer Solstice. They created ASTra, the Allee Shadow Tradition, a middle path organization that accepts and utilizes right and left hand practices. John worked as a psychic and demonologist for paranormal investigations. Lillee and John published their book, Right and Left of Center: Finding balance in your mundane and magical life, in 2007. John was relentless in helping and supporting other cancer survivors until the end of his life. He went on para-x radio for the last month of his life to share his thoughts on transitioning and death. He passed away at the Strong Memorial Hospital in Rochester, NY with support from Rev. Rauncie Ryan as his spiritual advisor and with the support of many Western New York pagans.

This material came from his wife and not from a website.

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