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josesilvaJose Silva (Laredo (Texas), August 11, 1914 – f February 7, 1999.) Parapsychologist of Mexican origin, creator of Silva Mind Control.

Early life

His father died when he was four years old. His mother remarried soon after, and he and his brothers went to live with his grandmother. Two years later he set to work to support her family by selling newspapers, shining shoes, and doing odd jobs. In the afternoons watching his brothers while doing their homework, and they helped him learn to read and write.

At fifteen years of age, after taking a course to learn how to repair radios, he began working with these elements in a workshop, learning quickly and founding his own company after years of repairs. In 1944 he joined the army, where he became interested in psychology following a psychiatric evaluation realizaron.1 In war he studied advanced electronics, becoming an instructor at the Army Broadcasting Service. When I got the license, he began to build his own business repair of radio, and later television sets.

Their concerns about the human mind led him to consider whether using hypnosis would be possible to improve a person’s ability to learn and actually raise your IQ (IQ). Because in those days it was believed that the C.I. was a fixture with which we were born, but José Silva was not very convinced.

For a time he worked part time to teach at the Laredo Junior College, where he was responsible for organizing electronics laboratories school. After the war and after more than 20 years, with notable success directing their repair facility withdrew from this activity in 1966, which until then it synchronized with his research on self-control of the mind.

Conception and first steps of the method

It was due to low school grades of their children, on the one hand, and reading about hypnosis, on the other, which led him increasingly to try to resolve the issue that years before raised as to whether it could improve learning ability, through some kind of mental training.

The investigation of brain rhythms and their influence on the mind, began in Laredo (Texas) in 1944. He began this quest, with the intention to use the results to increase the IQ of the participants. Five years later. His studies led him deeper into hypnosis and parapsychology, which in those years was beginning to be studied in some universities.

He met studies on brain electrical activity; I had also read about experiments using electroencephalography, who discovered the different rhythms in the human brain works, such as alpha waves, which occur in low concentration and no processing of visual stimuli. Silva focused his later ideas in these waves to which he attributed facilities in schools as learning, imagination, relaxation, pain control, storage, etc. were achieved more easily during this stage of brain capacities of no evidence fiables.

PES communication experience

Jose Silva allegedly had his first experience of PES (extrasensory perception) a day of 1953 with one of his daughters. According account, this occurred when he was asking his daughter about her school work and noted then that she came to answer some of the questions on which he was thinking before formulárselas verbally. It also concluded that these experiences gave especially when her daughter was in the “Alpha Level” (7-13 cycles per second of brain activity).

In the 1950s, the PES (‘perception Extrasensorial) was becoming a discipline under investigation with scientific methods in some universities, largely through thanks to the work published by Dr. JB Rhine of Duke University. José Silva wrote to Dr. Rhine in 1953 to inform about experiences with her daughter in the practice of the PES. Rhine answered with skepticism, because this professor considered, unlike Silva, neither the vision nor intelligence can mejorarse.

To test their results Silva worked for ten years, training in this period to 39 volunteers from among their

I Have a Hunch: the Autobiography of Jose Silva-Vol. 1

I Have a Hunch: the Autobiography of Jose Silva-Vol. 1

friends and relatives and continued to refine the process. In 1963 he founded the Laredo Parapsychology Foundation Inc. Over the years his work became very popular, but not the approval of the scientific community. In 1965 he wrote to President Lyndon Johnson offering their investigations free government, but the president rejected his offer. In 1966 he developed his basic course in mind control within 48 hours.

Method development

Silva also experimented with hypnosis, hypnosis but even allowed the mind to be more receptive, he thought it was better than the person could control the process itself, to improve at will and selectively, the performance of various mental activities such as memory, learning, creativity, imagination, etc.

Therefore, he soon abandoned hypnosis and began experimenting with mental training exercises in Alpha state, to teach people to reduce the level of brain electrical activity. From his work in electronics knew that the most effective circuits have less resistance, idea extrapolated brain function deducing that a degree of deep relaxation human mind would work better, so he sought such a state and keep it long or more awake and alert hypnosis. This, he concluded, would lead to improved memory, combined with a greater capacity for understanding, and consequently, to raise IQ scores

The crucial problem was fully keep the mind alert at all times at these frequencies, which are associated more with daydreaming and sleep than with ordinary practical activity. Therefore, the primary objective was learning relaxation techniques and conscious control of the Alpha frequency brain.

To achieve this, the exercises from which evolved the Silva Method, required a level of relaxed concentration and vivid mental imagery as a means to achieve deeper levels, while retaining alertness. According to this premise, once achieved, these levels, the brain would function more effectively.


The first results obtained them, with the improvement, over several years in school grades of their children. Interpreted Silva had improved because of his method, and that encouraged him to continue perfecting his new technique. José Silva also experimented with the “biofeedback” or feedback as a way to train the mind and body, by observing the results produced on the screen of a device while these phenomena occur (cerebral rhythm, heart, etc.) may voluntarily modulate the subject, while being observed directly by him.

In 1956, he began to develop a training program whose principles are still used today in their courses. The prosperity of the electronics company will provide sufficient resources to invest the proceeds and financing more than twenty years of research and testing that eventually led to the creation and development of so-called Silva Mind Control Method in 1966. Since then devoted himself entirely to the development and advancement of his method.…/Jose_Silva_%28parapsic%C3%B3logo%…

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