Kodak 110 Instamatic

21689_10206125449232372_5984037301965549264_nCamera : Kodak 110 Instamatic
Manufacturer : Hasselblad
Date : 1948-1952
FILM TYPE: 110 Cartridge
IMAGE SIZE: 13 X 17 mm
ORIGINAL PRICE: $28 for Model 20
25mm (f11.0), (1/1) fixed-focus lens, mechanical shutter with speed of 1/90, basic flash-cube compatibility, and no exposure control

In 1972, Kodak introduced the Pocket Instamatic series for its new 110 format. The 110 cartridge had the same easy-load design as the 126 format but was much smaller, allowing the cameras to be very compact (hence the “Pocket” designation). The top-of-the-line model was the Pocket Instamatic 60, which featured a stainless steel body, rangefinder, and automatic exposure. More than 25 million Pocket Instamatics were produced in under three years, and the 110 format remained popular into the 1990s. However the small negative size limited quality when using the film emulsion of the period, although in practice most prints were small so this was not as apparent until they were ‘blown up’ to a larger size.

A new series of Instamatics was introduced in 1970 to take advantage of the new Magicube flash technology. Magicubes used mechanically triggered pyrotechnic detonators for each bulb, an improvement over flashcubes in that the need for batteries was eliminated. Instamatics with Magicube sockets were denoted by an “X” in the model number.


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