Kodak DCS 420

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The Kodak DCS 420 manufactured in 1994 was a 1.2-megapixel digital SLR based on a Nikon F90body.

The Kodak Digital Camera System is a series of digital single-lens reflex cameras and digital camera backs that were released by Kodakin the 1990s and 2000s, and discontinued in 2005. They were all based on existing 35mm film SLRs from Nikon and Canon. The range included the original Kodak DCS, the very first commercially available digital SLR


  • Image storage on removable PC cards,Type III
    12 bits/color
  • 14 mm x 9.3 imager magnifies focal length of the lens 2.5X SCSI interface
  • ISO-equivalent settings of 100 to 400 for color model, 200 to 800 for monochrome model
  • Burst rate of 2 images/second for 5 images, enabling 5 images in just over 2 seconds from camera to capture
  • Records approximately 400 images per battery charge, with 1 hour to recharge, or unlimited number with AC battery adapter/charger
  • AC adapter/charger power requirements: 50/60 Hz, 110, 120, 220, 240 V AC
  • Size: 6.7 in. W x 4.5 in. D x 8.2 in. H (170 mm x 114 mm x 208 mm)
  • Weight (without lens): 3.75 lbs. (170 kg)
  • Certified FCC Class B, UL, CSA, TUV



Specs: http://www.kodak.com/global/en/service/professional/products/ekn017457.jhtml

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