Kodak Retina (Type 117)

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kretKodak Retina (Type 117), product of 1934-1935.

The Retina cameras were manufactured at Kodak A.G. in what had been previously been the Dr. August Nagel Camerawerk factory in Stuttgart, Germany. The first Retina camera, Retina type 117, was introduced in the summer of 1934 along with a new 35mm film Daylight Loading Cartridge(DLC).

The Retina type 117 was replaced by the Retina type 118 within a year, the total production number is around 60,000.

Camera model – Retina type 117
Year built – 1934-1935
Shutter – Compur
Shutter speed – T, B, 1sec to 1/300 sec
Flash PC socket – on the lens-shutter barrel



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