Lake Worth Monster

lwmDuring the summer of 1969 a goatlike headed creature was sighted on Greer Island new Lake Worth in Texas. “ A local reporter, Jim Marrs broke the story in the Fort Worth Star-Telegram on July 10th. It ran on Page 2 with the headline Fishy Man-Goat Terrifies Couples Parked at Lake Worth” (Bourgeois).

Author Sallie Ann Clarke reports it “was not bobcat nor was it a sheep skin. It wasn’t a person dressed in a Halloween costume. It was really the terrorizing monster. It stood on its hind feet and ran like a man. It had white hair over most of its body and scales, too. It was a goat-fish-man. I’m sure it stood about six feet and nine inches tall and was undressed… it looked like it weighed 250 or 260 pounds” (Bourgeois).

During a keg party in a nearby parking lot, the creature appeared and “started yelling and threw tires like Frisbees… it was total panic and everybody was running into each other and burning rubber to get out of there” (Bourgeois). This account was later reported by a local Fox affiliate to be the work of a man named “Vinzens” who was in a gorilla suit as a high school prank (cryptidz.wikia).

Further adding to the burden of proof, the photographer of the picture provided, Allen Plaster, is now convinced it was a prank saying, “Looking back, I realize that when we drove by it stood up…Whatever it was, it wanted to be seen. That was a prank. That was somebody out there waiting for people to drive by. I don’t think an animal would have acted that way” (

Of course, there are still those that claim the sighting was that of a monster. Author Sallie Ann Clarke, claims she saw the monster 3 more times after she published the book. Had she published later, her writing style would have changed from semi-fiction to a documentary ( Clarke even posted a $5000 reward for anyone who could pass a polygraph test confirming that they were responsible for the hoax and no one ever claimed the reward. (

What do all of you think? If this was a real being, why has there been no body located? If this was a prank, why has no one shown up and claimed the reward money by passing the polygraph test?

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Samuel Sanfratello

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