Day 5 – Lens Fungus


Yesterday we talked about cleaning your camera, specifically your camera’s sensor. We always focus on the outside of the camera and keeping it clean while keeping our camera in a protective case but do we every consider the INSIDE of our camera? Sometimes we tote our camera around in various weather conditions, various inside conditions and then we store it away when not use. We never give consideration to the fact that when we switch lenses or just leave our camera be that dust could be collecting inside of our camera. How many of us have even considered humidity and moisture affecting the INSIDE of our camera? Mix all that together and we have a great combination for what is known as lens fungus! Lens fungus doesn’t just affect your lens but it can affect the internal workings of your camera if not found in time to clean it properly and get rid of it. There is nothing worse than being on an investigation where you are experiencing activity and you take out your camera to get some pictures only to find it’s not working properly because of something as preventable as lens fungus.

Here are a few helpful articles about lens fungus, how to clean it and how to prevent it:…/5799370=what-is-lens-fungus……/why-does-fungus-form…