Dec 28

Lewiston Clarkston Paranormal Society Idaho

lewiston clarkston paranormal society


shawna williams recklessintent82@gmail.com

Team, organization, or location name

lewiston clarkston paranormal society
Website www.facebook.com/lewistonclarkstonparanormalsociety
Phone 208-305-0360
Location Idaho
Specialties I’m a sensitive and have always been able to hear and see ghosts with the evps and pictures to prove it 🙂 I love working with the paranormal teams 🙂



Executive Director at National Paranormal Society
I have had numerous experiences in my life that have tied me to thisplane of existence and others. I came to the paranormal field,compelled by curiosity and the need for knowledge. On a very personal level, I understand my connection to this earth. However, I look toscience for clarification, standards of methodology. The mysteries that surround us provide a plethora of opportunities I believe that my professional background and my spiritual experiencescomplement each other, allowing me to bring my strength andperspective to the NPS.

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