Logan Inn

By: Christopher Rogue Ostrowski


In the town of New Hope, Pa. You will find one of the oldest inns in America; the Logan Inn. It was standing and in operation through the Revolutionary and Civil Wars. So you can just imagine the whole host of Ghost Stories that have been acquired in that time.

From Orbs to a Revolutionary Soldier playing his drum, the stories can keep a good team of investigator busy for weeks.

Accounts totaled the ghosts at 8. But, there is a possibility that there is more. It seems that the most active room is Room 6, also referred to as “Emily’s Room”.

Let’s start with the picture of a couple in the Lobby. People have stated that it gives off the scent of Lavender. Supposedly, this is the favorite fragrance of the woman in the picture. When people get a whiff of it in other sections of the Inn, it is believe that She is near.

Emily is believed to the Mother of a previous owner of the Inn. She is believed to be the reason that a Strange Mist appears in the room. There has also are reports of guests leaving in the night, after seeing a white misty form in the room.

People also have reported seeing two small children in the room, also in a mirror there.

It seems women have a Voyeuristic Ghost of a man also, that has been reported to stand behind them in the bathroom. They have reported seeing him in the mirror. When they turn around, no one is there.
Shenanigans in room 6 don’t end there. People say they have heard the sound of crying, and experienced pillows being jerked from beneath their heads.

Christopher “Papa Coyote” Ostrowski
Demonology Department Chair




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