Magical and Metaphysical Properties of Topaz

cr1Topaz: symbol of honesty, healing, foresight, synchronicity, purity and friendship

Topaz is a beautiful gemstone worn by people all over the world. Many wear it simply for it’s beauty, but it is believed to have many other qualities then just cosmetic.

The name Topaz is said to come from the Sanskrit meaning fire. For centuries, Topaz has been worn and kept close to increase intelligence and creativity. This gemstone has often been called, “the stone of love and success in all endeavors”. As early as Ancient Egypt, Topaz was thought to be colored by their Sun God, Ra. Because of this, the gemstone made a very powerful amulet to wear to protect them from harm. The Romans also felt that Jupiter, their Sun God, was responsible for the gemstone as well. Even Ancient Greeks thought Topaz contained powers of strength. It was worn in battles by some because they believed it would make them invisible during severe circumstances. Topaz was also used by many diplomats to help discover secret plans by their enemies and improve them with strategic planning.

Topaz is one of the only gemstones thought to follow the moon phases as far as strength of it’s mystical powers. At times closer to the full moon, the stone is at it’s most powerful. When the moon is barely visible, it has little to no power at all. Perhaps this is another reason why Topaz is so closely associated with the sun and solar energy.
This gorgeous gemstone comes in array of colors. Each having it’s own metaphysical and magical properties:

cr2Blue: for emotional strength and psychic perceptions

Clear: Communications with “the other side” and nature

Yellow: Prosperity

Green: Helps to release vengeful thoughts

Sherry: Knowledge and awareness

Brown: Stimulate confidence
Pink: Honesty and openness

White: Focus

Although Topaz is believed to be very powerful in its healing qualities and magical properties, not everyone is able to benefit fully from them. Those born in the months that Topaz is their birthstone ( November and December), are capable of experiencing their full effect.

Whether this is all just myths and legends, Topaz is a beautiful gemstone with an interesting history. Because my birthday is in November, I have worn and owned this stone for years. Is it responsible for the protection and insight I have received over the years? Who knows but I have to say, it’s an appealing thought.

Bethany Schelling

Bethany Schelling

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