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Mamlambo is said to live in the depths of African rivers. This cryptozoological creature is said to have first been seen several hundred years ago and to still be seen today. The body of Mamlambo is said to be up to 60 feet long and look like a hybrid of a snake and a fish with a horse-like head. Those who have seen this creature say that it measures around 67 feet long and is a solitary creature. No sounds or smells have ever been associated with this mysterious creature. The first time that this creature was observed it was in the Mzintlava river in Southern Africa and since this first sighting it has been feared by various cultures in the area ever since. According to those who have witnessed the creature, the Mamlambo thrives in wetter weather and has been said to drag both animals and people underneath the water to drown them before eating them. According to local legend, the Mamlambo has taken the lives of nine victims to date, the last of which was a young girl whose body was found buried in the dirt beside the river. Perhaps the most gruesome thing about this creature is that it is said to eat the faces of its victims before eating their brains.

Some explain the Mamlambo away as being an Elasmosaur or a type of Archaeocete; however, to those cultures that have seen it, the creature is simply a gruesome monster to be feared.…/…

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Hi all! My name is Shellie. I live in Rockville, Rhode Island. Born and raised in “the sticks”, so to speak. I’ve been a social worker for very close to 25 years, working directly with people who suffer from chronic mental illness and substance abuse issues. I didn’t have my first paranormal experience till I was in my early 30’s. Since that time, I’ve been infatuated with the unknown. My mind is driven to want provable facts though. I will search and search to find a logical explanation for everything lol.
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