Marine Cryptids


Lake Okanagan in British Columbia Canada is home to an aquatic cryptid named Ogopogo. Is it an early snake like whale, the Basilosaurus? Many descriptions are of this extinct animal, or possibly a Plesiosaur…typical of the Loch Ness Monster fame. It is possibly a 40 to 50 ft long sea serpent.

First modern sightings of the creature are from the 1920’s particularly in 1926 when it was witnessed by several bystanders in about 30 cars at Okanagan Mission Beach.

The original Native American name of the creature was naitaka and later was more popularized when a 1924 song came out called “The Ogo-Pogo: The Funny Fox-Trot”, about the lake monster…and the name has stuck ever since.

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Altamaha Ha

The Altamaha River…pronounced “Altim ahh hah” is a large river basin just north of Burnswick Georgia in the town of Darien and dumps into the Atlantic Ocean. In it lives a river and ocean creature known as the Altamaha Ha or Alty.

The Altamaha River is widely known as the North American Amazon with its large bio-diversity and also being one of the largest river basins in North America.

The Altamaha Ha is described as up to 50ft in length with a serpent like body, a horizontal tail similar to dolphins/whales and is redish brown to gun metal grey in color. Several sightings of the creature started back in the 1700’s beginning with Native American myths to more modern sightings in the 2000’s.

Is it an extinct species of the Basilosaurus or Plesiosaur? It is highly possible as we are still discovering animals in our oceans that have been thought to be extinct.

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Ted Milam

Ted Milam

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