McConnell Hall

i1Arizona – McConnell Hall
324 E. Pine Knoll Dr.
Flagstaff, AZ 86011
Mc Connell Hall is a modern four story building built in 1987. It was refurbished just over ten years ago It is a co-ed dorm and is the only one on this campus with carpet in each room. The story surrounding this building is that the architect of the hall was a perfectionist and insisted that each room should receive at least six minutes of direct sunlight This could have contributed to what is a complicated floor plan. It is shaped like a bio-hazard sign from an aerial view. The crux of the story is the architect found one of the room’s sunlight quota a little off so killed himself
in the building. According to the examiner, students have witnessed strange happenings and report seeing an apparition of a male ghost. Small ghostly children have been seen playing on some floors. Sinks turn on and off and some hear scratching on the walls.