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Tonight I would like to talk a little bit about The Mel Meter.MelMeter

Many people have asked me about Electromagnetic Field (EMF) detectors and how do they work and which ones are the best ones to use for paranormal investigating.

Like most things you really need to use as many meters as you can and make a determination as to which one you personally prefer. In our group we have a nice variety of meters to choose from, KII, Cell sensor, Trifield natural, digital, ELF zone, Osun and the Mel-8704. Since there is only one of these that was designed for paranormal investigation that is the one we will talk about, and that is the Mel-8704.

I recently had an email exchange with Gary from Professional Measurement. He was gracious enough to answer a few questions on the Mel meter and here is what we discussed:

Currently there are 10 different models of the Mel-8704, 5 have a green display and 5 have the red display. There are also differences as to what each can do, we will discuss some of the most popular features here.

Q – The Mel meter is listed as a 2 axis meter, what does this mean and what does it measure?

A – The Mel-8704-2X Utilizes to independent coils for formation of the dual axis circuit. One circuit is calibrated to cover 30Hz -300Hz (ELF) range and the other goes down to 20Hz. The purpose of this is to try and identify if a “Spirit” can manipulate and communicate easier using the lower 20 Hz (ULF) range. It’s just a concept that I came up with to try and prove if “Spirit” vibration can be more easily discerned at other range. The cool part is that both can be used simultaneously and a cross comparison can be made by the observer / Investigator.

Q – What is the effective range of the Mel meter?

A – As with all EMF meters, the Mel meter detection distance depends on the location and strength of the radiation source.

Q – The meters description mentions a “Burst” mode, what is that?

A – The Burst/FAST mode has always been a part of the Mel features. Basically, we just “escape” out of the temperature measurement mode and then allocate 100% of the microprocessors scan time to update the EMF readings. I always tell investigators to use the meter in this mode. Then, if they feel a temp change, switch over to the dual readout mode….it’s easy to do and only takes 3 seconds to do. The display update in the Burst/FAST mode which is around 10X/second is excellent for sweeping a room to uncover EMF sources or for detecting a fast EMF spike or dynamic change while using the Mel record mode.

Q – What is the effective range on the thermal mode?

A – The Mel uses a precision “K” type of thermocouple probe. The bead reads Ambient (air temp) temperature only. As such, it can only sense a temperature change that comes in contact with the beaded tip part of the probe.

Q – The newest meter has a vibration and touch detection capabilities. It is said in your documentation that this is accomplished via an accelerometer. Is this device a single axis of, 2 or 3 axes? Also, does this device utilize a piezoelectric electric effect (microscopic crystal structure) or capacitance?

A – The Mel-8704R-Vibe utilizes a Crystal based piezo accelerometer. We can calibrate this device to detect very, very small vibrations.

One of the newer models is a combination Mel meter and KII with an audible alarm. I have one but it is sensitive. I use it without the K2 on.

For more information on the Mel meters visit the Professional Measurement website listed under the equipment links on the Left.

Todd Wayne Knipple

Todd Wayne Knipple

I was awakened to the reality of the paranormal at the age of 12 while at a friend’s home. What happened that one night back in 1983 kept me awake for three days. After that incident I was left with many questions. My determination to find answers to what had happened that night became an obsession that would lead me down a path into investigating the paranormal. I found myself consumed by these strange anomalies that were captured on video, audio and photographs, and the strange feelings and sensations I would have from walking into old buildings or a person’s home.
For nearly 30 years, I have dedicated myself to finding these answers by using a scientific approach to fully understand and bring explanations to those who seek help and who are experiencing themselves the same things I experienced some 30 years ago. I can say that out of all of the cases I have investigated over the years as a paranormal investigator, 99% can be explained as a product of environment. There is, however, that 1% that can only be considered Beyond The Grave.
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