Midwest Paranormal Phantom Seekers

NPS-Default Contact Name Annette Kelley
Location Wichita,Kansas
Phone (620) 968-7029
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Website www.midwestparanormalphantomseekers.com
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With over 50 yrs of combined experience, MPPS will take all means necessare to seek out, find and document any and all possible paranormal activity.  MPPS is dedicated in assisting residents and small businesses in and around Kansas and the Midwest area with any and all possible paranormal problems and questions.We use a scientific approach such as Digital Audio Recorders, Digital Cameras , EMF Meters , EVP Recorders & Ghost Boxes, Camcorders / Video Cameras , Full Spectrum Camcorders and Cameras, Laser Grid , Motion Detectors & Geiger Counters , Thermometers , Infrared / Non-Contact Thermometers ,and other methods to support possible evidence.We do have a couple Sensitives on the team that are highly intune to know rather or not a spirit is near.  With all investigations we will not make claims of hauntings or non-hauntings until all evidence is collected and analyzed.

We carefully consider all evidence from a skeptic’s point of view to help ensure the authenticity of all such evidence and rule out any possible false findings.