Mirror Magick – The Art of Scrying with Mirrors in the Occult

Mirror Magick – The Art of Scrying with Mirrors in the Occult
By: Tamara Ortiz

Scry – means to foretell the future using a crystal ball or other reflective surface such as a mirror. The origin of this word comes from the early 16th century, the shortening of the word “descry” meaning to catch sight.

Since the beginning of time man has been fascinated by the reflection looking back at him when gazing into a reflective object. Such as water, glass, metal, polished stones, crystals and much more. This fascination has sparked a wide verity of superstitions, myths and legends surrounding the power of mirrors. Mirror Magick can be traced all the way back to ancient times. Since ancient times mirrors are believed to be portals to unseen worlds. Depending on your background and belief system, mirrors can be used for many different reasons, rituals and spells in Occult practices.

Mirror Magick in Ancient Rome

One superstition that is well known is the breaking of a mirror will give you seven years bad luck. This superstition derives form Roman times. Romans believed that the life/soul renewed itself every seven years. Therefore the individual looking into the mirror when it was broken will experience difficulty renewing its life/soul. There were many rituals created to counteract the seven year curse of bad luck. Some Romans believe by immersing the broken pieces in a south flowing stream for seven hours will break the curse. While others believe that by grinding all the pieces into a fine dust will stop the seven year curse of bad luck from taking effect. The individuals that would perform these rituals to offset the curse of the broken mirror were called Specularii. (Sanofsky, 2012)

Mirror Magick in Ancient Japan

The mirror known as Himiko’s Mirror, was discovered in the tomb of Higashinomiya in Aichi, Japan. This very powerful mirror belonged to “Sankakubuchi Shinjukyo,” the Shaman Queen who ruled the kingdom of Yamatai in the 3rd century AD. This mirror is believed to be one of 100 bronze mirrors that where given to the Queen by a Chinese emperor. Mirrors where considered to be a very valued and powerful gifts during these times, for they were used for conducting rituals for divination. These rituals were taken very seriously, for they provide answers to the Shaman Queen regarding her army, financial status, and the empire as a whole. (The Magic Mirror of the Shaman Queen, 2015)

Mirror Magick in Ancient Italy

In medieval times ladies of virtue were said to where a small mirror made of brass, silver or zinc attached to their person. This would ward of negative energy and was said to keep the women pure. Not only was this a common belief among women in Italy but this same practice can also be found in Egyptian and Greek cultures as well. (Cabus, 2012)

Superstitions of Mirrors

While researching some of the points shared in this article I came across many different superstitions about mirrors and the powers found within them. I found this to be interesting because these beliefs didn’t come from practitioners of the occult. These beliefs come from many different individuals with a variety of backgrounds and religious beliefs. So dare I say it…we all have a bit of magick in us. Below is a list of these beliefs some positive and some negative.

• If a new couple first catches sight of each other in a mirror, they will have a happy marriage.
• To see an image of her future husband, a girl was told to eat an apple while sitting in front of a mirror, and then brush her hair. While doing so, an image of the man would appear behind her shoulder.
• If you feel sorrowful or troubled while home alone, with no one to talk to and no apparent way to control your depression, stand before a mirror and gaze into your eyes. Your anxiety should disappear.
• Ancient Chinese believed that mirrors frightened away evil spirits who were scared by their own appearance. If the mirror was broken, the protection was lost.
• If a mirror falls and breaks by itself, someone in the house will soon die.
• Someone seeing their reflection in a room where someone has recently died will soon die themselves.
• Ideally, no mirror should be hung so low that it “cuts off” the tallest household member’s head (doing so may cause headaches).

My Mirror Magick

The truth is I can go on forever about mirror magick in many different cultures and rituals found all over the world. Mirror Scrying is a deep rooted practice done by many. I personally use my mirror and include it in many rituals when performing as a practitioner. For many in the occult but not all, the mirror is tied to the moon and water. This is because the moon reflects the suns energy combining them and becoming a very powerful source of energy for the practitioner when conducting rituals. The representation of water is because of the purity and cleansing properties it has. When combining such energies as the sun, the moon and water, this is believed to give the practitioner the ability to call on or use a specific spirits or energies through the portal that is the mirror. There are many different mirrors that be used but the ideal mirror would be round and frameless.

My mirror that I use is rectangular and belongs to my alter table. My alter table and mirror are extremely important tools to me. I have included pictures so what I am about to explain will makes sense when viewing them. My alter table is a half circle glass table that sits against the wall with the mirror mounted just above it. I have done this because when gazing into the mirror performing my rituals my circle is completed in the reflection of the mirror on the other side, realm or portal, to me this pulls both realms together when I am conducting rituals. As you can see in one of the pictures I also write different occult symbols and languages on my mirror depending on the ritual I am performing.

Mirror magick is a very ancient belief and one that can be found all over the world. It can make you ponder many questions when learning about mirror magick. For discovering how many people from so many walks of life and belief systems have something to say about mirror magick. So is it true? Do mirrors possess the power to connect with the other side and the realms found with them? Will they give us the answers we seek when gazing into them? Many believe so!

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Tamara Ortiz's photo.
Tamara Ortiz's photo.