Mojo Bags and Amulets in the Occult

Hello Paranormal Seekers,

Mojo Bags and Amulets in the Occult
By Tamara Ortiz

Mojo bags and amulets are tools used and created often in Occult practices for a variety of purposes. They will be utilized by the practitioner or given to another person. They come in many different forms and containers depending on the practitioners need. The construction and rituals/rites associated with the mojo bag or amulet will vary widely based on the practitioner’s personal and religious viewpoints.

The origins of the mojo bag can be traced to the Congo regions of Africa (from the word moyo, meaning soul or life force.) The practices of the mojo bag migrated to the southern regions of the United States with African American slaves in the early 1600s. The mojo bag can be found in multiple cultures, occult practices and can have both a negative or positive influence depending on the purpose it was created. In the Haitian culture, mojo bags are believed to have the energy for which it was created for, whereas in Creole cultures the mojo bag is thought to be a symbol of black magic and will harm anyone it is given to or placed upon.
Although I have chosen to pin point the Mojo Bag in this discussion, the idea of adding annotated, blessed and or smudged items and herbs into a container stretches across many different practices and throughout history. A spell/charm bag, pray bag, conjure bag, trick bag, root bag, toby and gris-gris bag just to name a few are all forms of mojo bags in a way, just different perspectives.

Mojo bags are typically made with soft red woven fabric and a drawstring in origin but with color and material of the container playing a role in the symbolism of different, energies, deities, elements and things of this nature. They can be made of many different materials such as silk, leather, metal, wood and or glass, but remember the container is part of the spell more often than not. Items found within and used to create the mojo are stones, crystals, fossils, feathers, pieces of wood, nuts, shells, dried flowers or other herbs and seeds, just to name a few. The look and feel of the mojo will vary from practitioner to practitioner.
How to create Mojo or Charm/Spell bag:

I must reiterate that these are not a set in stone, list of rules. As you become more educated and diverse in the knowledge of the Occult as a practitioner, you will have the opportunity to explore, learn, consider, hypothesize and ultimately decide how you want to create your own.

1. It is created on the cardinal points, or on the point of a specific spirit depending on the need.
2. Color of the bag is important. Choose a color specific to the purpose for what it is being created for.
3. You can put as many items and you desire but remember your going to be channeling the energies of these items, so the more items, the harder it is believed to be to do so.
4. It must be filled with items that are specific to your need or the person it represents.
5. It must be annotated or blessed with a liquid of some kind.
6. Be very careful of the words you speak, words create energy that will become a part of the bag and or amulet.
7. Depending on purpose, you may need to smudge each ingredient or item that will be in the bag or amulet.
8. This step is optional depending on purpose. Use a magical alphabet or a magical symbol/seal drawn on a piece of paper and you will place or sew this into the bag. The type of parchment used can be important so keep this in mind.
9. Words of power and strength are spoken over the bag and or amulet activating the energy.
10. The final act is to breathe on the bag and or amulet to give it life.

My Mojo Bag…The pictures I have included are of a mojo/spell bag I have created for my own personal use. It was created for healing and protection purposes. I will describe the contents and symbolism found within.

The Bag – is blue silk to pull the energies of peace, tranquility and healing. The gold silk embroidery represents the God energy and the silver silk embroidery represents the Goddess energy. The Items inside – necklace with four archangel medallions (Michael for strength and protection, Raphael for healing, Gabriel for purification, and Uriel for peace.) One rose quartz crystal to push out negative energy. Herbs – valerian root, angelica, rose hips and flax seed for healing, protection and grounding. Blessed sea salt for cleansing, grounding, and protection. I used two magical symbols. The Sowilo “soe-we-low” for strength, healing and the suns energy and the Dagaz “theaw-gauze” for healing and the moons energy.