Moon River Brewing Company

z721 W Bay St.
Savannah, GA 31401
(912) 447-0943
This stately builing was built in 1821 by a Charleston native by the name of Elazer Early as the town’s first hotel and post office. The name of the hotel was The City Hotel and was quite upscale. The northern clientele were not so charming to the locals and in 1864, after an increased wave of violence, the hotel closed as Gen.Sherman led the Union Army throughout Georgia. Surviving the War this building sat unused until 1999 when it was renovated into the now Moon River Brewing Company.

Since it has open it’s doors the staff as well as customers encountered many unexplained activity. Sometimes very violent in nature. Stories of bottles being thrown and people being touched, pushed, and slapped by the unseen.
One of the ghostly figures is known as “Toby,” who will lurk in the bar’s billiard room where he has been known to assault patrons and staff. It is also said that a glowing white apparition has been seen on the restaurant’s upper floors and is believed to be the spirit of a hotel worker who died there in the late 1800s.
There have been reports of other activity as well and should be a stop on any paranormal vacation.
Source – The Travel Channel