Motion Blur

by N.P.S. Photography representative Bud Kelly

b1Hey Everybody !!!! Bud Kelly here … NPS Photo Rep !!! Here’s an article I decided to touch base on is “motion blur” and how people get actual photos confused with something that is possibly paranormal when it’s just actual camera functions. Ok, as you see I have 3 photos posted and through the article i’m going to explain the photos, how it happens and what can we do to fix them. So, let’s get started … As we know, i’m a professional photographer and I shoot for a band here in central Indiana known as Split Rail. So, if you look at the photo at the top, that’s the drummer Nick Mills and do you see how the drum sticks have that effect of the movement coming down ??? I do that with drummers on purpose to get that “motion blur” effect and what I do is slow my shutter speed down to around 1/50 of a second or maybe a little slower than that to get that effect. I was in a very dark night club and shooting in a low light situation so my aperture was at f2.8 so I could get as much light in as possible, ISO (light sensor) kicked up b2to 6400 just so I could get a decent exposure … plus slowing my shutter speed down helps get in more light as well and giving me this awesome drumming effect …. Now, let’s take a look at the other 2 photos which I found on a website and they had a awesome article on how motion blurred photos can look creepy and thinking it’s a ghost, so you have the image on the bottom left with motion blur and the image on the bottom right of the same subject not moving. Now, how did they get that effect ???? Easy… almost like the photo of the drummer, but the girl with the motion blur almost looks like it was taken with a cell phone which has a shutter speed around 1/20 of a second and way slower, plus you can do this with any camera just by going into manual mode and slowing the shutter speed down yourself to get these effects, plus a lot of people don’t realize the simple slight movement of your hands, along with a slow shutter speed while holding a camera can cause this as well. But … how do we not get motion blur in b3our photos ??? Two simple things … faster shutter speeds to make sure you capture your subject in motion, plus using a tri-pod and setting the camera on a timer (I use a shutter release cable) helps as well so you keep your camera dead still without even having to touch it and this also helps in shooting night photography, fireworks photography and getting shots of the moon … I am in the works of making tutorial videos explaining how cameras work so it can explain hands on how we get photos like these and why they are natural explanations and nothing paranormal. Well, hope my article was helpful and if you would love to see my work as a photographer … feel free to check me out at Thanks and Have a Awesome Day !!!!