Mysteries of the City of Cahokia

By: Stephanie Kelly

Located just outside of St. Louis, Illinois is the Cahokia Mounds. Most people, outside of the St. Louis areas, are not aware of a rather mysterious archeological treasure right under their nose! Cahokia is one of of only eight World Heritage sites in North America and by some miracle it still has survived through the development of the areas.

Sitting at about 4,000 acres, 2,200 of which are a preserved state historic site, Cahokia Mounds is classified as the largest archaeological site in the United States. It is believed that the civilization that created Cahokia dates back to around 700 A.D. The site consists of at least 104 individual mounds that appear to show a large and sophisticated civilization long before London or even Rome.

These mounds appear to be prior to some of the known Native tribes that later controlled the areas. It is believed, but not proven, that the Chickasaw, Seminoles and Choctaw were all descendants of the people that once inhabited Cahokia. Others lean more toward the Cherokee, Creek and Natchez being their descendants. All that is known for sure is that the Late Woodland culture inhabited this area about 700 C.E. and there appears to be approximately a 200 year gap between the Woodland Culture and the development of the Mounds.

It appears that Cahokia was slowly abandoned by late 1300 AD. Excavations appear to show no sign of any disaster, warfare or illness that could’ve caused the abandonment of Cahokia but scientists believe that overcrowding, social upheaval or inadequate supplies may have been a cause leading to the end of the Cahokia Mounds.

Not only does Cahokia have a mysterious scientific and archeological history but it also has a mysterious paranormal history. Many people have reported seeing shadows, balls of lights visible with their own eyes, along with hearing chanting or rattling on the ‘Monks Mound.’

Cahokia Mounds are still being excavated to this day and we could only hope that more information would become available concerning it. Who were the people that lived at Cahokia Mounds? Where did they come from? What could be the cause of the unexplained experiences at the Monks Mound? What happened to the tribe or civilization that lived here for so long?


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