Mystery of the Hongshan Pyramid

111Located in the northeastern part of China, less than 200 miles from Inner Mongolia, is one of the oldest known pyramids in the world. This ancient stepped pyramid was created by the Hongshan culture using what appears to be stone and clay. Though this magnificent creation was build between 4700 and 2900 BC, the exact date of its build is currently unknown.

Prior to 1908 this culture was completely unknown of and for many years after its discovery by a Japanese Archaeologist, they were still doubted and questioned by the Chinese people. After a good amount of work and convincing, excavations began in 1935. Due to the scope of the Hongshan and their buildings, excavations are still be done today. These excavations have uncovered an extensive amount of artifact and pottery that appear to give an amazing image of their civilization.

112Among the excavations was the location of the pyramid. Located on the top of the pyramid were at least 7 tombs and an altar. The altar at the pyramid holds some of the mysterious and unexplained artifacts at the Hongshan excavations. Many artifacts were located and cataloged that appear to depict the Chinese Character “Mi”. These fragments and broken carved pottery have caused Archaeologists to believe there was a sophisticated understanding of astrology and possibly a belief in cosmography. This pyramid also seems to have some of the earliest evidence of Feng Shui.

Within the pyramid, and other areas, many sculptures were located of various sizes, materials and figures. The most surprising and abundant of these sculptures are those made of jade. Most of the figures appear as some humanoid figure, other have yet to be identified as any creature or items known to have ever existed! Some of the most combine figures are, that of which can best be described as, aliens. The Aurora Museum describes one figure as “A jade artifact of an unknown alien-looking being.” They describe another artifact in must more detail, “The Hongshan jade humanoid figure has more than 6,500 years of history. He is a precious jade carving from the Hongshan Period. His face is in the shape of a dragon, while his body is in human form. The four horns and two ears on his head resemble the sun’s rays, which is why he is also referred to as the Sun God. ”

113These odd shaped figures have never been seen before in any Neolithic Culture. Not only are the Alien type figures only seen in the Hongshan excavations but they are the only figures made of jade with such perfection that no carving marks have been found.

How can a culture, at the beginning of the Stone Age, develop and build a pyramid pre-Egyptian? How can their figures be made with such perfection that it is still unknown exactly how they were made? Why do their figures resemble such a common creature in Alien Theories? Is it possible that the Alien Figures were examples of things they knew or had seen?

There are so many questions about the civilization, hopefully, with continued research and study more information can be found to help answer some of these questions.

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