Newnansville – Florida’s Ghost Town


Founded in 1812 by the Dell Brothers, Newnansville was not incorporated until 1824 and lays northeast of the City of Alachua Florida.
Newnansville was the site of a well-developed nineteenth century village which became the first county seat in Alachua in 1828.
Standing at the junction of several important roads, it prospered as a commercial center for the growing crop industries of the
expanding central Florida frontier. In 1854 the county seat was moved to Gainesville and the town lost population and importance.
When a new railway line was built in 1884, it bypassed the town and Newnansville was totally abandoned by 1890. Today all that survive
are two cemeteries, the remains of a dirt road, and a sign marking its place in Florida history.

It is two hours northwest of Ocala, Fl and quite a beautiful ride through small towns such as Micanopy to larger cities as Gainesville. k1
Off Rt. 235 stands this historic cemetery that is marked by its’ modern namesaked entrance. Turning down the remaining dirt road that was once
this city you will walk to the entrance gates which stand proud guarding the interred inside.

Although there were some older grave sites, most of this area was that of the newly resting. This is a large cemetery with different sections
that are fenced off from each other and though most would have left I must say if you cut through you will enter a section not fenced but very weeded.
This is the area you would want to see as the statue commemorating the soldiers of the Confederate Army with the names of those buried there would tell us.

There are many lows or holes in the land so be careful if you go after dark. The area police officers are very k2informative on this cemetery,
and the ones we spoke with were believers of the paranormal and told us this cemetery is one of the most active in the state of Florida
and many teams from Jacksonville Fl. down to south come to investigate. He also noted that due to the large number of farming here there is a heavy population of Haitians in this area. It seems they practice Voodoo right under the Confederate Memorial and the last time the officers were there
they were called to clean up the severed head of a goat that the practitioners left behind and to please be careful. They will tell you who to contact for permission and also ask you let them know you are going should there be any calls of people roaming in the area, however there are no residences in sight.

Make a mental note before you go that a full moon on a Voodoo Sabbath may not be the best time to revisit this area, and bring flashlights as
there are no lights to guided your way. Very out of the way it should still be on your list to probe as the activity is as some say “beyond real”
in this haunted cemetery of days gone by.

Katie Snow

Katie Snow

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