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niknThe Nikon F was introduced in 1959 with a comprehensive range of high quality lenses and accessories. During its lifespan, new items were continuously added, comprising bulk film magazine, electrical motor drive, viewfinders, focusing screens, close-up and scientific attachments, flash units, remote controls, and even a Polaroid back, the Speed Magny, as well as a wide variety of exposure meters, both separately available or as part of the finder prism, the latest of those being TTL meters, known as the Photomic.


Lens Aperture: Instant-return type, with focal depth monitoring button (stop-down button)

Mirror: Automatic instant-return type with lock-up facility available as necessary

Viewfinder: Interchangeable with waist-level viewfinder

Focusing screen: Interchangeable with waist-level viewfinder

Shutter: Titanium foil focal-plane shutter

Self-timer: Variable duration type

Flash Synchronization: Variable according to time lag, sync. with Speedlight at a high speed (1/60 sec.), with JIS B type clip contact

Dimensions: Approx. 147x98x89mm (with 5-cm F2 lens)

Weight: Approx. 685g (body only)


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April Abercrombie

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