By: April Abercrombie

This question comes up quite often – Do we have any authentic photos of ghosts that we can show? The answer is unfortunately no.

For the following reasons, no matter what any expert has said, there are no authenticated ghost photos in existence:

FIRST – Ghosts are not proven to exist. It is impossible to say there is definitely a ghost in a photo if we are not even sure they exist. Until we have proven scientifically that ghosts exist, we can’t say there is one in a photo.

If we ever do get that scientific proof, it is ONLY then that we might be able to photograph a ghost, which would give us an authenticated ghost photo with which to compare.

SECOND – It is impossible to say for sure that a supposed photo of a ghost is genuine and unaltered. There are tell-tale signs of a fake, but if those signs are absent, we still can’t be sure. With the quality of the softwares and talented graphic artists we have today, there can be some really convincing fakes. If only they would use their powers for good! 🙂

THIRD – Even if there is a strange image in a photo that we can’t explain and we are sure the photo is not fake, we STILL cannot say it is anything paranormal. There are so many variables that go into still photography of which we have little control, such as light values, angles, motion, air particulates and other environmental factors, etc. Due to these variables, sometimes we will get weird images in photos – weird, but completely normal images. This is especially true of cell, computer and tablet cameras, which are even more notorious for creating weird images.

We hear it quite often – someone will say they had their photo authenticated by a photo expert.

Well…what does that really mean? – No expert of any kind can do this. No seasoned investigators and not even a professional photographer can do it.

What can they do then? – Experts do have knowledge of known factors that create certain anomalies in photos. They do have softwares to use that can scan a photo for irregularities and they can look at the EXIF info of the photo. All of these methods CAN give some clues as to the authenticity of a photo, but these methods are not fool proof by any means.

The most any expert can say is that a photo does not appear to have been manipulated. In that statement, there is quite a bit of wiggle room.

Any person that calls themselves an expert and then tells you your photo definitely has a ghost in it is not really an expert. Any person who has real, extensive knowledge of photography and photographic softwares would NEVER tell you this.

April Abercrombie

April Abercrombie

I was Case Manager for Denver Paranormal Research Society for nearly 4 years. While on the team, I primarily conducted investigations for clients of their private residences. I have since left Denver Paranormal to pursue my own research and conduct investigations of haunted locations. I now focus mostly on historical places.
April Abercrombie

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