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Location Weirton WV
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Northernpanhandle Ghost Hunters..We investigate paranormal activity in the Northernpanhandle of WV including Ohio and Pa. We look to debunk what we can, and focus on what evidence cannot be explained We investigate your claims, see what evidence cannot be explained, and help you to understand what concerns you have, and what you can do.We are a group in search of the truth. We believe in the paranormal, and seek answers of the unknown. We are a non-profit group and do what we do because we love it. We will never ask for money to do an investigation. We do residential and business in the valley.


First and foremost, our primary concern is our clients and their families, and we bring professionalism, confidentiality, and the highest standard of ethics and protocols to each and every investigation.We understand that calling on a team to investigate a private home or property is not an easy decision, and above all else,
we respect your right to privacy. Therefore, we do not identify evidence that is captured from residential locations on our website.

Every case is unique and therefore, handled differently. In the event children are involved, then that case becomes our priority. We will not negative provoke because we understand our clients still have to live in the location after we leave.

Our team does not deal in any way with Ouija boards, Tarot cards or crystal balls.  We have never used, and will never use these items.

We are not amateurs, hobbyists, or beginners. We are a specialized group of uniquely trained and highly dedicated investigators of paranormal and non-paranormal activity. We are Haunting Resolutionists.

A Haunting Resolutionist determines what the issues are, and then makes every effort to resolve them. We share our findings with our client, come to a conclusion, and then put together a “game plan” to resolve those issues.

We use highly sensitive recording devices in an attempt to capture scientific evidence of supernatural and paranormal activity, so as to validate the spiritual side…