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Assistant Director - Div 7

Department Chair
NPS International Committee
Health and Safety

I am a supervisor for several programs assisting individuals with intellectual and mental challenges. I have 2 Masters Degrees from Penn State in Communication Disorders and Psychology. My first experiences with the paranormal were around age 5. I’ve been fascinated ever since. I have been an investigator for over 10 years (first 5 years with a team, then leaving to form my own more than 5 years ago, and have taught classes on investigation, evidence analysis (especially EVP) and debunking at local community college. I also have abilities, some of which began at age 5 and others around puberty. Therefore my fields of major interest are investigation and psychic and empath. While I am open to considering all aspect and viewpoints, I am dedicated to seeking natural explanations first before anything is considered evidence.

Assistant Director - Div 8

Department Chair
NPS Resources Committee

In 2007 Will left a career in Law Enforcement and quickly found Paranormal Investigations as an avenue to apply learned investigative skill-sets. Co Founding Volunteer Paranormal Investigations of Tennessee he began repeated investigations to some of America’s alleged “Most Haunted” venues and continues to do so with HITD www.hunterinthedarkness.com . Will has experience in Crime/Death Scene processing, numerous State & Federal Interview and Methodical Behavioral courses and currently is a licensed Private Investigator. He’s guest lectured at TALA, penned an article for TAPSPARAMAG and been consulted on two Paranormal books. Despite over a decade of real world Investigative experience Will continues the mindset he is merely a student of the Paranormal and never more.

Assistant Director - Div 6

Hello, I am Pam Williams. I am a Realtor, so my love of homes- especially old houses-is my greatest joy. I am a learning sensitive. I have had experiences since the age of 5 when my parents moved us into an old farmhouse. I believe my son may also be a sensitive-he was hit by a van at age 7, and graphically described the “angel” that carried him to safety from the front of the vehicle. I have vivid dreams of violent crimes, but do not know where or who they are. I have also dreamed about a relative passing before getting notified by family. My hope by joining this group, I will learn to improve this thing I have, and do delve more into what happens in near death and death experiences……

Assistant Director - Div 8

Bio and Picture coming soon.

Assistant Director - Div 4

Was born in Portland, OR in 1977. Moved to Laramie, Wyoming until six years old and then moved to Hot Springs, Arkansas until I got out of high school.Have been interested in the paranormal since I learned to use a card catalog. My first library book was about ghosts. Have always been drawn to the paranormal and occult.  At about age 14, I decided to start putting what I had learned from witchcraft books to use in the paranormal. Started investigating graveyards and exploring abandoned buildings. As I met more people in the paranormal I started to learn about EVP and started getting into the tech modern investigators use.I have not investigated any of the more famous haunts unless you count Ft. Knox, ME or what was once known as The Poet’s Loft in Hot Springs, the latter used to be a hangout of mine.Currently I am an unemployed chef seeking employment due to binary pulmonary embolism I had about 6 months ago and doing landscaping work until then.

That’s about all I can think to say. Let me know if I need to include anything? Thank you.