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Director - Div 3

Department Chair – Aliens and UFOs

Hello all!! My name is Stephanie Kelly and I live in Kansas, USA with my husband and 3 sons. I have been interested in the paranormal as far back as I can recall. I grew up in a very open minded family were the thought of spirits and the power of nature in general was a normal and acceptable conversation. I don’t have one particular area of focus, I am interested in the Paranormal Field as a whole and all of the unexplained areas science hasn’t found a cause for.

Director - Div 6

Department Chair
Science Team

My name is Sherry Thomas. I am a pagan High Priestess and the founder of RPAS paranormal group. I have two children, three stepchildren and a grandchild. I have been fascinated with the paranormal, spiritual, and mysteries of this realm. I have in the paranormal realm been called names and have helped families understand what is going on. I am not afraid of running up to a ghost. I have seen shadow people during investigations in fact came face to face with one while putting away equipment from an investigation. As far as me being spiritually what I am, I am not afraid to brake bread with those not of my faith. I do work as a to go for person at work when need.

Director - Div 4

I was born in Portland, OR in 1977. I moved to Laramie, Wyoming until six years old and then moved to Hot Springs, Arkansas until I got out of high school then ended up living in various cities around the U.S. until my recent return to Hot Springs. I have been interested in the paranormal since I learned to use a card catalog and can recall my very first library book being on the subject of ghosts. I have always been drawn to the topic of the paranormal and the occult. In my early teens my mother taught me about Wicca and other forms of witchcraft and put some of what I had learned into amateur investigations using older tools such as pendulums, dowsing rods and much controversial, “Ouija boards.” These amateur investigations consisted mostly of cemeteries and abandoned buildings. Later in life I met more professional people in the paranormal field who educated me on more modern equipment and taught me proper uses of such equipment. Some of the more popular locations I’ve investigated are Ft. Knox, ME and what was once known as The Poet’s Loft in Hot Springs, AR. which used to be a hangout of mine. I specialize in photo, video and audio analysis. I am currently a chef at a local Italian restaurant who also works seasonally helping to groom and tend to thoroughbred race horses four months out of the year


Director - Div 5

Department Chair

Hi, I’m Allan (Al) Schmidt. I’m 52 living in Colorado. I’ve been married for 27 years. I Retired form the Air Force in 2001 and have been working for the Government in Boulder ever since. I have many hobbies, mostly outdoor, hiking, camping hunting, fishing etc. The main thing that ties them all together is Photography. I’ve been into the paranormal basically all my life, as my late father was into basically everything paranormal, although he didn’t really refer to it as paranormal. Bigfoot, Nessi, UFO’s, Little People. He had books on all subjects which I read with a passion. I have been investigating for over 10 years now regularly, and have been all over the country doing so. Locally, have investigated many locations, both with others teams and as I like to do most of the time, by myself or with my wife. I’m very logical in my undertakings, and very skeptical by nature. If I have exhausted all resources and ideas as to how to debunk something, only then will I call it interesting and possibly paranormal. I have not really had any wow moments to speak of, but have had some interesting things happen, enough so to make me more curious.

Director - Div 8

Department Chair

Ted grew up in Maryland and spent his early years near Antietam Battlefield, where he witnessed a few unexplained things as a young kid. When Ted graduated high school, he joined the United States Marine Corps, and spent 10 years on active duty traveling the United States and quite a few Countries along the way. After a paranormal experience while serving in Japan, Ted knew he had to find out some answers. After leaving the Marines in 2002, Ted was hired as a Firefighter in the San Diego area, where he spent the next 6 years. In 2008, he went to Iraq as a contractor for a year, then in 2009, moved to Georgia where he works today as a Firefighter in the Savannah area. Ted founded Ghost Watchers Paranormal Investigations – Savannah, in 2010. Ted’s goal is to find some common answers in the paranormal field.