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Department Chair

Hi, I’m Allan (Al) Schmidt. I’m 52 living in Colorado. I’ve been married for 27 years. I Retired form the Air Force in 2001 and have been working for the Government in Boulder ever since. I have many hobbies, mostly outdoor, hiking, camping hunting, fishing etc. The main thing that ties them all together is Photography. I’ve been into the paranormal basically all my life, as my late father was into basically everything paranormal, although he didn’t really refer to it as paranormal. Bigfoot, Nessi, UFO’s, Little People. He had books on all subjects which I read with a passion. I have been investigating for over 10 years now regularly, and have been all over the country doing so. Locally, have investigated many locations, both with others teams and as I like to do most of the time, by myself or with my wife. I’m very logical in my undertakings, and very skeptical by nature. If I have exhausted all resources and ideas as to how to debunk something, only then will I call it interesting and possibly paranormal. I have not really had any wow moments to speak of, but have had some interesting things happen, enough so to make me more curious.


Hello, I am Pam Williams. I am a Realtor, so my love of homes- especially old houses-is my greatest joy. I am a learning sensitive. I have had experiences since the age of 5 when my parents moved us into an old farmhouse. I believe my son may also be a sensitive-he was hit by a van at age 7, and graphically described the “angel” that carried him to safety from the front of the vehicle. I have vivid dreams of violent crimes, but do not know where or who they are. I have also dreamed about a relative passing before getting notified by family. My hope by joining this group, I will learn to improve this thing I have, and do delve more into what happens in near death and death experiences……


I was born in Fredericksburg, Va. I grew up with lots of personal experiences.

One of the old battle fields was pretty much my backyard and the area confederate hospital was very near our house, so it was always something “odd”. Some of it freaked me out while other parts were very comfortable.

My personal experiences shaped my life from a very early age. As a young person I found great comfort in horses and became an avid equestrian. Riding is communicating to your horse; both spoken & unspoken language. Communication is key. Over the years, I learned a lot of things from my animals and gained a better connection to nature & the universe.

In college I studied chemistry, biology, psychology & ecology; partly because I wanted better answers to “did that happen or am I crazy…” and partly because I really like science & technology.

After college the only jobs available were in technology field. Currently I am a network infrastructure engineer with 20 odd (very odd) years in the field.

My opinion of the paranormal/supernatural has evolved from a blend of my studies & personal experiences. Every experience has sent me to the library to explain, debunk or better connect with the experience. At the present, I have begun to see paranormal as unexplained nature. I continue to look for the connections between the physical world and the spiritual world thru science.


My name is Belinda Bellar and I’m a mother of three grown children. I have been with my significant other, Mike (aka Fat Daddy) for 14 years.
My previous work experience includes: Bellsouth for 18 years, Previous Restaurant Owner for 3 years, and a Paranormal Case Manager for Highland Rim Paranormal in Middle Tennessee for 7+ years. My first paranormal experience started when I was 10 years old. Ever since I have been looking for answers. I do NOT claim to be a psychic. However, I do claim that my children and I are sensitives.