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Senior Directors

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Senior Director - Div 5

Department Chair – Ghosts and Hauntings

I was Case Manager for Denver Paranormal Research Society for nearly 4 years. While on the team, I primarily conducted investigations for clients of their private residences. I have since left Denver Paranormal to pursue my own research and conduct investigations of haunted locations. I now focus mostly on historical places.

Senior Director - Div 6

Department Chair – International Team

Hey everyone! My name is Bethany Schelling. I’m a mother of a beautiful 11 year old daughter. I am also a waitress/bartender and studying cosmetology. I love in a small town in Pennsylvania surrounded by friends and family. I have always been interested in the paranormal since I was a child. I asked everyone a ton of questions and never really got the answers I was looking for. After my first couple of unexplained incidents, I started looking for serious answers. Belief isn’t enough for me. I want evidence that can stand for itself. I come from a logical point of view and believe science is going to help answer the questions we have. I want to continue to learn and help anyway I can.

Senior Director - Div 9

Department Chair
NPS Haunted Locations

Lillee Allee has studied religion, spirituality and paranormal investigation for over 40 years. She is the widow of John D. Allee, an internationally known dark magician. She continues to consult in paranormal investigation. Her specialties include: Marian and cultural spiritual phenomena/apparitions, spiritual support to teams and clients who want spiritual counseling after investigation, evp work and old school audio, the accuracy and research of past life regression and seance, and spiritual protection. Lillee was also one of the first to incorporate trained canines into paranormal investigations. She hosts a radio program on the para-x.com network, Happy Mediums, with Debra Ann Freeman, who also consults with paranormal investigative teams in Southern New England. Lillee is a published author and journalist, and legal clergy with degrees in psychology and mass communication. Lillee walks on the middle path sees learning as a life-long endeavor and is looking to make a difference and contribution to this field before she too will be heard on someone’s EVP. Lillee is always available to educate and consult and continues to enjoy guesting on other’s radio and television programs.

Senior Director - Div 4

Department Chair
Ancient Mysteries

Hello my name is Sara Fawley. I was born and raised in San Diego, Ca Oct 1965. I lived there until I was 19, then moved with my now ex-husband to Texas where I lived for the next 25 years. I have two grown sons who are married and have lives and families of their own. My current husband and I now live in a small town in Arkansas with our dachshund Shabar. I owned and antiques and collectibles shop but closed it down in September 2013 after having a heart attack. I still buy and sell antiques and collectibles and make handmade natural gemstone jewelry which we sell at shows and festivals. I don’t recall ever not knowing that there was more than just us out there. My first experience happened when I was a young child and was visited by my godfather “Grandpa Clyde” at the time of his death and for three weeks after that. I have seen one other full bodied apparition in my life and had several other minor experiences that left me scratching my head.I am not an investigator but have a huge thirst for knowledge. I am always looking up this or that legend, myth or story I hear or sometimes I just have random thoughts and look them up to see if anyone else thinks the same way. I am very analytically minded and always like to get to the bottom of things.

Senior Director - Div 2

Hello, my name is Melissa Brinkman. I have had an interest in the paranormal and spiritual world after an incident happened to me when I was eleven. I am also very fortunate to belong to a great Paranormal Family. I live and love Halloween year round. Have a great supportive family, and paranormal family. I am very excited to open this new door as a member of NPS and look forward to providing assistance and learning more from others in this community.

Specialist: Webmaster - Div 2

Ken Weigand is a graphic designer, web developer and co-founder of One True Paranormal, a para-group in southwest Missouri. Ken’s father, being a preacher whose life mission was to convert occult practitioners, exposed him to the supernatural at a young age and fueled Ken’s desire to learn more about paranormal phenomena. He has spent this lifetime as a seeker and scientist to answer the questions — what are we and why are we here? Ken believes that someday science, spiritual truths, and the supernatural, will find common ground. It is his mission to encourage this to happen. Ken has had much investigative field time and is striving to bring professionalism, credibility, and unity to the field.

Web Development
Web Development
Senior Director - Div 3

Department Chair
Aliens and UFOs

Hi, My name is Holly. I live in the middle of Michigan on a small quiet lake with my significant other. I have 2 children, and a couple I choose to also call my own! I have had a few experiences that have made me scratch my head about so I reached out to see what others have encountered! I love to research and communicate what I find in any aspect of life! I also seem to have a need to help others or I could say others seem to seek me out for help! Happy to be part of the group!!.

Senior Director - Div 7

Hi. As you can see, my name is Shawny Darby. Born in April of ’76 and mother to one sweet and sassy girl who is currently revelling in the fact that she has just surpassed me height wise. Lol!

I currently drive for Uber and work as a territory manager for Mosaic Sales and Marketing which has recently become integrated as a subsidiary for Acosta.

I have always had experiences with the paranormal for as long as I can remember. My family tended to hush these things as no one really understood or wanted to understand what was happening. I am one who likes getting answers and I never liked being brushed off or receiving canned answers regarding these things. I began my quest for answers when the internet became publicly available. But I did not devote myself to this quest as wholeheartedly until much later.

When my daughter was born I began realizing there were things happening even more so than I was aware of. Over the first two years she would say things and do things that caused me to question what my stance would be when she was old enough to realize the difference between this realm and the other side. It was then that I vowed to never let her feel like I had when I was shut down so many times with so much confusion. I vowed to find some kind of answers that would help her know that not only was she not alone, but that I would be right there with her helping her through and helping her find some answers that could, at least possibly, make some sort of sense. I can honestly say…she is way more comfortable with herself in that department than I ever was at her age.

My quest for answers continues…as does hers. I have had the privilege of investigating and researching both as a group with others as well as independently. For now…I choose independent research while researching collaboratively with others.

Senior Director - Div 6

Department Chair

Paranormal: Somewhat cliché but, my experiences began at a young age though I don’t recall making the “paranormal” association until the age of 9 when my grandmother died and returned for a visit. Through the years, I have given many phenomena more attention; from subtle dream images to apparent physical contact from “unseen” sources. I have been involved in independent research/study and investigation for about 30 years and began using some equipment about 20 years ago. I have been working with the Colorado based TEPI team since 2010. As a science oriented investigator, I am a bit of a contradiction. I believe the experience more so than the evidence. Simply because there can be many plausible explanations for most evidence. The experience on the other hand, can sometimes be very complex and difficult to explain easily.Professional: I have a Master of Science degree that essentially qualifies me to manage a multi-discipline team in their efforts to accomplish technical activities. (If I say more the MIB might show up.) My engineering background is primarily electronics but includes mechanical, astrophysics, and some aspects of thermal, optical, and audio. Previous careers were medical including paramedics and medical device technology (design, manufacturing, and training medical staff). I also dabbled heavily in photography before the wide spread use of digital imaging. Ideological: I was raised Presbyterian but allowed to find my own path. I studied Zen for a short time and explored many other faiths. In my late teens I attended a seminar on the subject of Quantum Physics and how it relates to our mind and consciousness; this was the turning point in my belief system. I did not become a scientific skeptic, I simply began to view nearly everything differently. I removed definitions I had learned and replaced them with relationships to my personal experiences and observations. Things once clearly defined as paranormal now had a plausible spin to them. Personal: In my spare time I write dark music, dark poetry, and horror/science fiction stories.