NPS Member Packet



The National Paranormal Society is dedicated to assisting those in need of help dealing with all aspects of the paranormal, as well as offering a resource for investigators, researchers, spiritualist and all other individuals working within the paranormal field to call upon for education and knowledge sharing. Our goal is to exceed our client’s expectations in professionalism, ethical practices, education, and providing solutions within the paranormal field


We welcome you as a new member to the National Paranormal Society!!! Founded in 2011, the National Paranormal Society is an organization designed to bring together the best the paranormal community has to offer. The Society affords investigative groups, scientists, researchers, ghost hunters/paranormal investigators, and the general public a place to go to ask questions, share knowledge, and learn from each other. In this field true breakthroughs will happen because we are sharing results, refining techniques, and pushing each other to maintain a high level of integrity and quality of work.

Explore all that the NPS has to offer. From investigative teams in your area to psychics across the state, haunted location across the country, and radio and television shows dedicated to the exploration of the paranormal every hour of the day or night. The NPS has something for everyone interested in the field.

Please continue reading to familiarize yourself with the NPS protocol found on the next page. NPS has representatives within the society who routinely monitor the NPS Members Page and enforce the rules listed in this packet.

  1. Members will be respectful to other members by not talking about any person or any other team in a negative manner on the NPS Members Page or the NPS website.
  2. Members will not use profanity or vulgar language on the NPS Members Page or the NPS website. General conversation may include the use of “hell” or “damn” however, ANY use of ANY profanity or vulgar language directed towards another member that is found to be offensive by any member or representative is unacceptable.
  3. Members will not show any type of discrimination on the NPS Members Page or NPS website. Discriminatory remarks of any kind will be met with swift action to include removal of the post and banning from NPS depending on the severity and frequency of the offense.
  4. Members will respect clients by not revealing their identity through the posting of names or pictures on the NPS Members Pages or the NPS website.
  5. Members will refrain from harassing other members or representatives, either on the NPS Members Page or the NPS website.
  6. Members will post only paranormal related subjects (ghost, cryptozoology, UFOlogy, demonology, psychics/mediums, ancient mysteries, etc.), photographs, audio, and video on the NPS Members Page or the NPS website.
  7. Members are encouraged to invite new members and teams to the NPS Members Page or the NPS website.
  8. Members will not be involved in any illegal activities or display unbecoming behavior that could directly or indirectly have an impact on the NPS.
  9. Members are allowed to post ads on Tuesdays only. All ads must be paranormal related. This includes self and team promotions, events, shows and charities. Posting of ads on unauthorized dates will result in immediate deletion of the ad and revocation of membership status. Special consideration may be given to the posting of a charity or event upon the direct approval from the NPS Executive Director, Candy Meehan, and must be requested in writing prior to posting on the NPS Members Page. Approval will be determined on a case by case basis.
  10. Members will initiate conversations, provide explanations or ask questions when posting pictures, articles, audio or video submissions on the NPS Members Page. Posting of pictures, articles, audio or video submissions without required communication will result in the immediate deletion of the submissions and possible revocation of membership status.
  11. Members will not block the NPS Executive Director, NPS Directors or NPS Assistant Directors. Any member found to have blocked any of the Directors will immediately have their membership revoked.
  12. Members will not give or ask for readings on the NPS Members page.
  13. Any member caught deliberately misrepresenting themselves or evidence will be immediately removed and banned from NPS.. Any member caught deliberately misrepresenting themselves or evidence will be immediately removed and banned from NPS.
  14. Any member posting links to (BIN) or any other links to potential sites that contain malware or viruses will be immediately removed and banned from NPS and the post removed from the NPS Members page.
  15. Members will post the required information for all picture, audio, and video submissions on the NPS Members Page. The required information is:
    1. Why you feel the picture is paranormal
    2. Date and time the picture was taken
    3. Location of picture (city, state, and/or zip code)
    4. Camera type used
    5. Whether or not the flash was used
    6. Due diligence done attempting to find a logical explanation prior to posting on the page
    7. Any posts made stating “What do you see?,” “What do you think?,” “Look at this picture,” or anything similar will be immediately removed.
  16. Members are allowed to post “orb” related pictures and lead “orb” related discussions on Wednesdays only. These post must include the required information laid out in Rule #15 and the original picture file must be emailed to the NPS Photography Team at If the required information and/or file is not emailed, the post will be immediately removed. Further, any “orb” related picture posted that was taken with a cell phone camera will be immediately removed.



Requests for assistance or referrals coming to the NPS Members Page must be directed to the NPS website at NO exceptions.


NPS Members have clear disciplinary standards and are given notice of such through the “Rules of Conduct for Members” and “Referral Protocol” listed within the Member Packet. These standards must be applied uniformly. The NPS retains the right to determine what discipline will be imposed in each individual situation. The disciplinary procedure should follow four rules:

  1. The NPS member must know the nature of the problem
  2. The NPS member must know what he/she must do to fix the problem.
  3. The NPS member must have a reasonable period of time in which to fix the problem.
  4. The NPS member must understand the consequences of inaction.


Progressive Disciple is defined as a series of disciplinary actions or steps that are progressively more severe leading to improvement of performance or dismissal from NPS.

  • The severity of the offense.
  • The NPS member’s past performance record.
  • The NPS member’s length of service with the organization.
  • The NPS’ past practice when dealing with this situation.


As a member of the NPS you agree by implied consent to follow the “Rules of Conduct for Members” and “Referral Protocol” contained in this packet and that you understand the “Disciplinary Structure for Members.”


More information on the Society and opportunities to participate can be found in the following locations: General inquiries may be sent to or directed to a representative where applicable.