NPS Members TTF-PARA Conducting EVP Experiment




NPS Members TTF-PARA Conducting EVP Experiment

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Tony Fauglid




In 2011, TTF-PARA © ™, began experimenting with the usage of a pre-recorded synthetic voice MP3 files to ask questions during our EVP sessions. The premise being to reduce the sounds of breathing and other organic events associated with human speech that can be mistaken for paranormal phenomena. Also to use the multi EMF / acoustic energy output of speaker systems to broadcast messages. Having gathered some interesting results… It is time to conduct a more widespread experiment.
We are asking for help from the paranormal community to assist us with a little research. What we are asking is for investigators and paranormal groups across the world to conduct EVP sessions using our synthetic voice question files, which are located on you tube. Then let us know if you capture anything significant. These files can be played on site using either WIFI Access or Mobile Data on your laptop, netbook, tablet or smartphone. If you are interested please come over to our page for more information. Thanks for your consideration!
Find our experiment under the “assist us” page.”
The direct page link for the experiment is at:



TTF-PARA is a valued member of The National Paranormal Society, and we are proud to help them expand the call for research assistance.