Day 2 – Orbs!


Yes, today we are going to talk about one of those controversial subjects called orbs…which most of the time are really dorbs (dust orbs). I can tell you right now, if you pick up a picture and see a round object it in that you immediately call an orb, you are NOT doing your work as a researcher and investigator. Our job is to debunk FIRST and THEN look for something paranormal. To not go out and research probably causes to why you are seeing orbs in a picture is you failing yourself as an investigator and failing your client. There are several places on the internet that will give you examples of what dust orbs, moisture orbs and bugs look like so that you have a comparison for your photo; further, there are great examples of lens flare you might look at as well. (Remember, we talked about lens flare during the last Photography Discussion Week.)

So, let’s look at a few places on the web that talk about orbs specifically. I also found a few articles online that I personally found interesting about orbs that I also wanted to share with everyone. Please read these articles and then tell me what your thoughts are. I will also include the link to Wide Awake Paranormal’s website where they give examples of what orbs look like so that you can bookmark it for comparison of your own photos later on.

Feel free to share photos where you think you may have caught an orb or where you may have a question about what is in the picture.

What Are Ghosts & Orbs?:

Enough About Orbs Already!: